Channel from Corinth- August 2018

Hype or just a nice shortcut?

We say both.


The 400 km around the Pelepones you can save Time and take this ‘small’ shortcut of only 6.4 km.

Of course it is nice to drive through the Canyon, but if the 300 € payed off must everyone decide for themselves.

Emergency Exit

We are very happy that we did it. It is very impressive to see the height of the rocks. The special thing for us was the idea that everything was created by human hands and was rebuilt even after the World War.

Here you can definitely have fun, because you can also try bungee jumping. Of course it is also very crowded, but luckily more from the countryside. If you look up you can see all the tourists.

But how does it work?

Waiting in the Line

Am I just going through and then that’s it? So it is not quite …


We came from the west side, from Patras. There we called the harbor master by VHF and he told us to put in the queue on the left side of the driveway. There we waited until all boats left the channel and we were allowed to drive in.


The entrance is then for the first time quite unspectacular, after a few meters, it was then a bit green.


The water was crystal clear and beautiful blue.

Skipper at work

The 5 bridges were the real highlight of the whole passage.
On the other Site, we had to tie up the side and pay the proud price of 330 €.
After a short filling of the papers it is advisable to pay by card. With us, the Man was immediately very rude when we paid cash …

Here you can also refuel diesel.


Then it went without problems on to Athens.


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