Revue after 6 Months on Board

Dream or foam?

We live the dream of so many people, but dream is not always everything. As our families think so beautifully, “We rock our eggs all day long”.

That is far from any reality.

Who has already accompanied us knows what we do for this life and what we have sacrificed for it…

Often everything is just too much for me. Getting up, having breakfast and then immediately getting the boat ready to leave.

Already in the morning stress for it that I stand then 4-6 hours at the wheel and with almost no wind to the next bay or Marina go.

Was that really what I wanted?

A roadtrip on the sea and taking care of other people? So that they have a nice vacation ?

What about being in nature every day. Feel the air on my skin, smell the sea and see the wide ocean?

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel much of that.

To discover new places, but unfortunately often the fun is left behind.

This is my home.

Every life has its challenges, ours often require immediate attention and are difficult to ignore ūüėČ

This is now my home.
Every life has its challenges, ours often require immediate attention and are hard to ignore;)

And now after 6 months at sea, what do I want now?

Now I sit in the marina and feel trapped in the walls.

I miss the freedom to go anywhere at any time.

I just miss being able to go swimming when and where I want.

I miss feeling the wind in my hair and the waves under my feet.

I miss the animals around me.

I miss so much to experience on a boring day under motor.

I miss the stimulating and sometimes also funny evenings with our crew.

And I miss Sven’s constant talking, which sometimes makes me feel like white heat.

It’s a Dream.

We had to fight hard for it and work every day to make sure that we can continue to live it.

Do I want to swap back? Definitely not!

I think every sailor knows the feeling.

If we had the choice between water and land we would always choose water.

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