Episode 6- From Antalya to Cyprus

The clearance process took a little longer. We were afraid that we wouldn’t get away today. After 2 hours the agent came back and we could leave.

Since it was already late we didn’t get far. Then we decided to go to Antalya in the old town port. According to the harbour handbook, there are only excursion boats and a few fishermen. Nevertheless, we wanted to try our luck and just went there. And we were lucky. There were still free places, with 80 € it was not necessarily inexpensive, but still cheaper than in the Marina.

On the Way to Antalya

11-17 Saturday

Rainy Day

The excursion boats were already very early up and have already made from 6:00 mood, punctually with the Muezzin. After a relaxed breakfast, we started at 10:00.

It was announced for the whole day rain, that unfortunately also turned out to be true.

Already after 30 minutes, the first rain clouds came. But it wasn’t just raining, it was pouring out of buckets. Unfortunately, we could only sail 15 SM of the 35,5 SM. It started with light rain, which became stronger and stronger until it rained like a deluge. At the arrival in Side about 17:00 we were then soaking wet.

Sven catch a Fish

The fish that Sven caught on the way we left in the restaurant and let ourselves be prepared there. After an exhausting day, nobody wanted to stand in the kitchen anymore… And it was mega delicious ;P

The entry into the harbour was not without. The entrance is very narrow and the wave pressed us directly against the rocks. But everything went very well. We got help from the employees of the restaurant.

The harbour is some of the few that are free.

11-18 Sunday

View over Alanya

The night was very restless. The boat was rocking all night long. The wave kept pushing us against the harbour wall. We already noticed that while mooring, so we left a little more distance to the harbour wall.

We started the day early because we knew that 35,5 SM lay in front of us until Alanya.

Light House from Alanya

Fortunately, the thick rain clouds passed us.

In Alanya, we were probably tricked. We paid 15 € for the harbour but did not get an invoice as agreed. The man came to us and wanted to see our papers and money. But he didn’t calculate the price based on the length of the boat and we never got an invoice.


The city is very touristy but has some sights. There is a tower with a castle and the corresponding plant. Due to lack of time, we only visited the tower and walked a bit through the city.

11-19 Monday

The port of Gazipasa is small and not designed for sailing boats. After a long search and some help from the local fishermen, we were able to moor on the left side.

Here they wanted to link us to the fishermen. They wanted 15 € from us. But we made it clear to them that we would not pay anything if we did not get a bill directly. After some discussion, they gave up…

11-20 Tuesday

Harbor from Bozyasy

The next harbour was unfortunately again very far away, 42 SM.

Here everything is rather original. Hardly any hotels or holiday resorts, but a lot of original Turkey.

The police stopped by in Bozyazi and checked our documents. Of course, everything went smoothly 😉

We got a recommendation for a good restaurant from the fishermen.

View from the Restaurant

When we were at the entrance we used the sides entrance. From the front, it looks very dirty and chaotic. Fortunately, we went on. The actual restaurant is directly at the beach. The appetizers were very tasty, the rest was okay. They also made a campfire. The view and the ambience were simply great.

11-21 Wednesday

Morning on the Sea

It was time to say goodbye to Turkey, for now. We were ready for our next stage destination in Cyprus.

51 SM was ahead of us. Since we wanted to be in the harbour before sunset we decided to get up very early. That meant start 4:30. The crossing was very unimpressive. Shortly after sunrise, Sven caught a fish, which we had for lunch in the form of soup. Unfortunately, we could not enjoy the sunrise, because it was covered by the clouds. We arrived at 14:00 in the old town harbour of Girne. Unfortunately, only excursion boats and a few small fishing boats can moor there.

Old Town Harbor Girne

So we went on to the Delta Marina, which is right next door. To clear in we had to wait for something for the police. After 1 hour wait and a lot of paperwork for Sven, we were allowed to go to our place in the marina.

Delta Marina Girne

The women helped us a lot with all that, also with clearing in.

11-22 Thursday

Entrance Old Town Nicosia

A proper thunderstorm with rain was announced. Luckily we put up our tent so we could spend the rainy days on deck.

The next morning already the first rain front came.

Then we immediately fled to Nicosia. The capital of Cyprus is rather inconspicuous, but offers a few, albeit somewhat hidden, sights.

Town Hall Nicosia

We followed the big shopping mile. So we passed the most important places and could feel some of the flair of the city. But the coolest thing was that we walked from Turkey to Greece within 2 minutes 😉

Sven spent the afternoon with it and installed our new autopilot. After 2 hours everything was done. The installation and removal was not the problem. The worst part was getting all the screws and getting the engine out…

11-23 Friday


It’s been raining all day. But you can’t speak of rain. It is rather as if the sky had opened the floodgates. We used the day to work and entrenched ourselves inside the boat. In the evening we went shopping in better weather. The streets were so flooded with water that it was almost only possible to get on with rubber boots.

11-24 Saturday

Amphitheater Girne

Saturday it was more beautiful again and we could discover some more Girne. The old town harbour and the castle right next to it with the museum is definitely worth a visit, as well as the amphitheatre in front of the city. Otherwise, we walked through the shopping street. As it was Saturday, of course, there was a lot going on.

The  ,, Old” Girne

With another rain shower, we were able to quickly save ourselves in a passage before we left for home.


11-25 Sunday

After the last days with a lot of rain, the sun has finally come back. Of course, we took advantage of that and drove out of the harbour. On the way to the next bay, we tested the autopilot. Sven did a good job and we can drive a little more relaxed 😉

The next bay with a small harbour was 14 SM away. Unfortunately, it was not deep enough. That meant to go on to the next one, but it was just around the corner so that we were already there after 30 minutes.

11-26 Monday

Karpaz Gate Marina

Unfortunately, there are not many moorings or harbours to moor here in North Cyprus. Everything is completely open and unprotected when the wind comes from the north.

This meant the next stop for us was Karpaz Gate Marina.

There were not many boats here, but very nice and helpful staff.

In addition, the marina has a restaurant, there was very tasty food at reasonable prices. Melanie especially liked the gym. The equipment is clean and in good condition.

In the Gym

The whole marina is very clean and tidy. Unfortunately, it’s a bit off the beaten track, but by taxi or rental car, it’s easy to reach everything on land. The marina also offers a free shuttle service.

11-27 Tuesday

This morning we practised harbour manoeuvres and backward driving with Melanie. In the future, she should always moor the boat, so it was time for the first step 😉

Afterwards, we drove on into a small bay 3 SM. The bay is protected from 3 sides, unfortunately, the wave pushed us in such a way that we were shaken properly.


11-28 Wednesday

After a short excursion, we went back to the marina. From here we explored North Cyprus with a rental car.


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