2020 07 Martinique – Grenada

Crossing to Grenada

Once again well provided for provisions in Le Marin/Martinique, my entry period (8.7.-10.7.) is getting closer, all tanks (diesel 1120 l / water 1200l / gasoline 40l) edge full, in Grenada everything is about 30% more expensive. Cleared out at the gas station late in the evening, so that I can sail on 8.7. early, because on 7.7. was still calm. Between the 8-9.7. it should be 15-25 kt wind.

The start runs fantastically, thus I reach St.Lucia under 5 hours for the 25 sm … In the southern land cover, the Pitons, it goes only slowly forward, but when I am free of land in the direction of St. Vincent I get again neat ride. Between St.Vincent and Bequia, the nozzle was already known to me from the last times, 25-30 kt wind, so sailing is fun.

Fast it goes to Carriacou. Hopefully without incidents, because before Grenada in the

North, the underwater volcano is switched to orange, which means that an eruption can take place at any time.

But before the passage a big thunderstorm front catches me from east to west, no visibility 30-35 kt wind, hardly sails outside, but 5-7 kt drive, the spectacle was over after 20 minutes and Grenada comes into sight. Until shortly before St.Georges I could sail , 212 nm in 35 hours a good average.

Over radio hears as always no one , so slowly drive into the harbor, as I am a quarantine arrival. After a short time , an official showed me where to moor .

This also worked without a scratch. He explained to me that I may lie here the night and the next morning 8:00 o’clock the health authority carries out the first check and I must then go into the quarantine anchorage field for 10 days with my yacht .

Great 4 days less than announced.

Since I will probably not create all the work, which I had planned.

A quiet night in the port of St.Goerges , I enjoyed it , but without entering the country , Forbidden is a crime , crazy !!!

The next morning short temperature check and I may into the anchor field. A place searched, there are about 40-60 other yachts with me here, personal contact forbidden, only talk about the distance allowed, the field is monitored, a violation is a crime, about the consequences I do not want to talk.

Now it is still nine days to survive.

The bay is safe, but the swell is not so nice . 

But now I lie safer than in Martinique. And after 4 months it was time to explore a new island!

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