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You can expect turquoise water, swimming with turtles, fresh fish/lobster straight from the sea, hiking in the rainforest and of course sailing 😉

From autumn 2023 we offer again sailing trips from Grenada!

From Martinique as an example :

We spend the first day in Le Marin/St. Anne. Here you can arrive in peace and quiet, get used to the climate and start to relax.

On Sunday, after a hearty breakfast, we will set off for St. Pierre, which we will reach after about 6 hours.

Above St. Pierre is Mt. Pelee, the island’s own volcano. The view is beautiful and the place has some historical sights.

From here we will slowly head south.

We will see Fort de France, the capital, go snorkelling in Grand Anse d’ Arlet and have plenty of time to relax, explore and sail.

From a sailing point of view, the Lesser Antilles have a lot to offer. The wind here is almost always from the northeast, so sailing is almost always possible due to the constant winds. There are 15-50 SM between the bays, which means a sailing day of 3-10 hours.

Our main focus is on relaxed island/bay hopping.

That means we sail to a different bay every day and let our souls dangle there while snorkelling or hiking. Swimming, relaxing and discovering should be in the foreground.

At special places or when we go on a longer hike, we sometimes stay a day longer in one place.

But nature has a mind of its own. So it can happen that we have to adjust a planned route.

The wind determines our destination, but don’t worry, so far we have always delivered everyone at the planned destination port 😉 .

Von Zeit zu Zeit biete wich auch Meilentörns für diejenigen an, die einen Nachweis für ihre Lizenzen  benötigen. Du kannst mich gerne anschreiben, ich stelle dir eine individuelle Route zusammen.

z.Z. bieten ich ausschließlich Segeltörns in Martinique/Grenada an, Start/Ziel Hafen ist dabei Le Marin/ St. Anne oder der Süden Grenadas/Prickly Bay. Alle Törns sind Mitsegel Törns, jeder beteiligt sich an den Kosten die Bordkasse ist in den Kosten inklusive , aber ohne alkoholische Getränke, Es gibt zwei Kategorien an Bord, dies hängt mit der Größe des Raumes zusammen, also mehr Komfort.



    •   Cabin per Person per Week 1200€ (All Inkl. without alcoholic Drinks)


















General information:
It is possible to book a cabin alone, in which case the participation changes.
It is possible to rent the whole boat as a family/group
It is possible to rent the whole boat as a couple, in which case the shares change
Sailing skills are of course taught
Beginner training is possible
Mileage certificates will be issued

You can find information about the yacht  here


 Sailing with me


*All information is treated confidentially and only used for the organisation of the trip.
Via Whattsapp you will receive all important documents about sailing, tips, flight information, general information, safety tips.


you can download the packing list Here  














A possible Route – Martinique – Grenadinen



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