Here you can find the currently planned sailing trips 2019/2020 with our Meerlust, a Contest 55. All trips are participation trips, all participate in the costs incl. board cash. There are three categories on board, depending on the size of the room, thus more comfort.

We offer different types of cruises, depending on the area we are in and where we want to go.

We also focus on relaxed island hopping. That means we sail every day to a different island and let our soul dangle while snorkeling or hiking. Swimming, relaxing and discovering should be in the foreground.

For ocean crossings and transfer trips you can not book yourself, but you are welcome to apply. Since we want to get to know our fellow sailors a little better for these trips than on “normal” trips, the first contact is a little more intensive or we only take those with whom we have already got to know personally.

From time to time we also offer mile trips for those who need proof for their tickets. You can also write to us and we will put together an individual route.

We will also be happy to discover a new city with you or explore places of interest.

But nature has its own head. It can happen that we have to adapt a planned route.

The wind determines our destination, but so far we have not been afraid to deliver all of them to the planned port of destination 😉

The Categories are:


    •   Double Bed – Cabin per Week and Person 650€ each Bed





























    • Bunk Bed- Cabin per Week and Person 550€ each Bed




General Information:

  • It’s possible to book a Cabin for you alone, then change the participation
  • It’s possible to book the whole Vessel as a Family/ Groupe
  • It’s possible to book the whole Yacht as a Couple, then change the participation
  • You learn Sailing skills, naturally
  • Beginner Course is possible
  • You become a Miles Confirmation

Information about the Vessel find you here

We have in General a secret Community for all of our Trips, by Facebook and/or Whattsapp. There become you all important Documents, Tip’s, Information for the Flight, Safetyinstructions and general Information from us.

Here is a Form for a Packing List 

Discription Photo/ Overview 0/2- 2 Places are avaible, 1/2 – 1 Place is avaible , 2/2- Cabin is full

02/01 until 02/29 2020 from St. Vincent to St. Lucia




02/29 until 03/28 2020 from St. Lucia to Martinique



03/28 until 04/25 2020 from Martinique to Martinique



04/25 until 05/23 2020 from Martinique to Martinique




05/30 until 06/20 from Martinique to Tobago