From January 2021 we offer sailing trips from/to Martinique again!


You can expect turquoise water, swimming with turtles, fresh fish/lobster directly from the sea, hiking in the rainforest and of course sailing 😉

All sailing trips in spring 2021 start in Le Marin, Martinique. The island belongs to France and counts as domestic flight from Paris. That means for you an uncomplicated journey and lower costs.

During the 2 weeks Trips we will sail to the Grenadines and visit the Tobago Cays, one of the most beautiful areas in the Caribbean.

The Grenadines are known for their turquoise blue water, small islands/reefs and turtles. We can also buy fresh fish/lobster directly from the fishermen.

Sailing technically the Lesser Antilles have a lot to offer. Here the wind almost always comes from the northeast, because of the constant winds, sailing is almost always possible. Between the islands are 25-50 SM, that is a 5-10 hours sailing day.

Our main focus is on relaxed island hopping. That means we sail to a different island every day and let our soul dangle there while snorkeling or hiking. Swimming, relaxing and discovering should be in the foreground.

At special places or when we go for a longer hike, we also stay a day longer at one place.

But nature has its own mind. It can happen that we have to adapt a planned route.

The wind determines our destination, but don’t worry, so far we have always delivered everyone to the planned destination port 😉

From time to time we also offer mileage cruises for those who need proof of their tickets. You are welcome to send us a cover letter and we will put together an individual route.

Here you can find the currently planned sailing trips for 2021 with our Meerlust, a Contest 55. All trips are participation trips, everyone participates in the costs including board cash. There are two categories on Board, this is related to the size of the space, so more Comfort.


The Categories are:


    •   Double Bed – Cabin per Week and Person 650€ each Bed








                      Bunk bed cabin per week and person 595€ per bed


Bunk Bed