The Skipper – Sven Rödel –

The Sailingdream begins at the East coast from America, where I looking to the Sailing boats when they train. The People and there Vessels where so free and I was a Prisoner in a Cruise Ship. The Rest is easy to told, I make all Engine and Sailing documents that I need to rent a Sailing Vessel. That’s the Start of my Sailing world. A addiction of Nature, fresh Sea Air and Freedom!

I born 1969 in Erfurt, Germany, moving many times the City, because I change my Job. So I don’t have a Home Town, just Birthplace. I love the New, Globetrotting with with pure Nature, pleasure and enjoyment in the Nature, Food and Life.

Entrepreneur, Teacher and Sailer- for the beginning to balance, today as a source of inspiration.


Skipper SKS, Inland and Sea for Engine and Sail

Radio SRC and UBI + german and english License

Pilot JAR PPL (A) SEP+ MEP Day and Night

Job: Manager and Lifecoach- Targetfinder

Language: German (Motherspeak), Englisch and Russian

Hobbies: cooking, swimming, ride a bike, trekking, Chess, Ski, Golf and Painting



Since 2010 Skipper and Organizer from Participation Trips in difficult Area’s. In the most of it with 50 feet Vessels and in 2017 the first time with Catamaran.


I’m looking forward about Messages and Tips for you and us!



You have Questions about me, write me please!



The co-skipper -he is missing at the moment !!!

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