Men Trip from Rhodes to Izmir- September 2018

It should be a real Men’s trip with a lot of sailing and also some action. This has turned into a trip with a lot of action and nothing has gone according to plan.

Unfortunately  because a cyclone swept over Greece.

On Sunday morning it went from Rhodes towards Kos, always to the north. A big storm was announced for Wednesday and Thursday. What did that mean every day you had to cover a great distance, mostly 60 SM.

Still better than landing in the middle of a storm.


Kos went to Evdilos and Chios.

Shortly before Chios, the Men were surprised by the storm. He was announced for 18:00, in fact he was already there at noon. But they survived well and arrived safely at the port. There was even a spare space between two fishing boats.

Theater from Pergamon

The Cyclone then gave the Men a short rest. So they could discover something Chios and once again sleep well.

After 2 days Chios it went after clearing to Cesme. The real plan was to sail to Izmir. Due to the weather situation not completely realized.

But that’s life. Life changes as we make plans ..
The Crew changed on Saturday.


In Diklil they had to let the storm passed. But so they had the opportunity to visit Pergamon.
An impressive old city with a lot of history. Or as Sven would say. A lot of old Stones.

It’s just unbelievable to know that this is already here in 2./3. Century a whole City.

What for a View

Conclusion: Pretty much Wind. But thanks to the good flexibility and cooperation of the Crew everything went well. And without the Storm, they would never have been able to explore so much of the area.

  1. Fantastic the island of creeks
    Hope to come back on board, it was a great time with you guys. Thanks again Michael Adam Hamilton New Zealand Zealand

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