Harbors from Morocco

Morocco has many unique places and there is a lot to see and experience. A good starting point for us sailors is of course the harbour. If you want to leave your yacht for a few days or even weeks, safety plays an important role, but there is a marina which we can recommend to you, as we ourselves have explored the country by car for a week.

You have to clear in and out of every port in Morocco. This means to show all important documents like ship papers, insurance and passport. Customs will come back to your boat and check if you have weapons, drugs, drones and too much alcohol, cigarettes and money on board.

A little tip: If you have a drone, it will be accepted and you will get it back when you clear it out.

We know it from other sailors that of course nobody has a drone 😉

If you don’t report it and it is found, you won’t get it back and have to pay the penalty!

The prices in every harbour are about the same, we paid 30-35 € per day with electricity & water for our almost 17 m.

1. Tangar

Tangar is our safest port in Morocco. There every jetty is bordered by a big gate and you only come in with a map. In addition there is 24/7 security at each jetty.

The ladies in the office are helpful and also helped us with the organization of a rental car.

There are 2 showers, both are clean and are cleaned several times a day. In the marina there are also several restaurants, these are very strongly visited by the locals in the evening. In one of the restaurants, which is a bit more upscale, also serves alcohol, which is rather unusual in Morocco.

A smaller supermarket is almost around the corner, for the big shopping we took a taxi to Socco Alto to the mall, the single trip costs about 20 MDH (that’s 2 €). The market is very big and offers a better choice and bigger packages, so the way is worth it 😉

If you are in Tangar, you should definitely go to the old town and walk across the market!!

There is also a very good mechanic here, we are happy to pass on the contact 😉

Marina Tanger

2nd Rabat

Rabat is the capital of Morocco and there is already a lot more going on here. The marina is at the end of a river! So you should tell the marineros beforehand, they will accompany you inside. In the river there are many that swim and also some shallows, if you don’t get any help, you should definitely drive only in the middle of the river.

The marina is secured with a large gate and security, but there is only a barrier tape in front of the pontoons.

Also here the washrooms are clean and are cleaned several times a day.

Right at the river there is a fish restaurant, but the food was good at peppered prices.

We mostly bought fresh ingredients in the supermarket around the corner and cooked them ourselves. You can also buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen at the market.

By train you can go very well from here to Fes or Casablanca. We drove to Fes and paid about 35€ for both our trips.

Marina Rabat

3rd Agadir

Agadir is the last port before going to the Canary Islands.

We prefer not to talk about the safety in the marina, only so much about it, we would not leave our boat here alone. There is no security and everyone can go to the jetties, there is a small gate, but it is only fastened with a band.

The harbour is directly in a big hotel complex, that means on weekends and especially in the evening there is a lot going on here.

The showers are a disaster, we only showered on the boat…

A Carrefor can be reached by taxi in 5 minutes. You can get the best fish at the fish market in front of the harbour, where you can also eat.

The ambience is typical Moroccan, don’t let it put you off. Every restaurant has its own number, but at the end there is the same everywhere.

If you walk around outside, you will find a hall at the end, where you can buy the fish from the fishermen, costs only half and with a good grill on board it also tastes super tasty 😉

If you decide to leave your boat here, Agadir is a good starting point to go to the desert or Marrakech.

Marina Agadir

We can only recommend the desert to you, it was just unique. You can read more about our discovery tour through Morocco here.

Do you have any further questions about Morocco or other countries?

Please write us an e-mail, if we can help you then we will help you!

  1. Nadine Mukherjee says:


    vielleicht konnt ihr mir gerade aktuell weiterhelfen- wir waren euch sehr dankbar.
    Wir mussten unser Segelschiff gerade ungeplant in Agadir tanken. Durch die geschlossenen Grenzen scheint das irgendwie schwierig zu sein. Bisher hat sich die Capiterie des Hafens nicht so richtig zustandig gefuhlt.

    Habt ihr da eine Idee wenn man noch kontaktieren kann oder wie man an Diesel kommt?

    Vielen liebrn Dank. Wir freuen uns uber Antwort

    Nadine und Crew

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