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Adventure Caribbean Sailing

Now I am since January single-handed with a 55 foot yacht (ca.17 meters) in the Caribbean with changing crews underway. It’s a dream, but since the yacht, these extreme weather conditions (extreme rain / salt water / strong winds / sun) is exposed, happens every now and then something. This can be annoying or but I deal with it positively. It is a fine line !!!

The journey continues .

2022 July , Grenadia , Palm Island a private island is on my route , I anchor on the windward side behind a reef , the last time it was really great . This time I have experienced an extremely swell, which causes me the next day to sail to Union and clear out, which was once again complicated, because I had to get my stamps in the port/port office and at the airport.

Done ! On to Grenada , Island Carriacou/Tyrell Bay it’s only a good 10 nautical miles, so I could enter Grenada again right away. Short tour and the day was done. The next days I explored the island further, here I was already some times, new places stood on my note. So the days passed without much change. I decided to sail further to the main island of Grenada to the south side, Prickley Bay good 40 nautical miles. A nice beat with lots of sailing past an underwater volcano. But as always from the southwest Cap Grenada into the bay on 4 nautical miles wave and wind (15-20 Kt) on the nose. I was glad when the anchor dropped . 

The bay was known to me from 2020 , so I explored everything old and new . After a few days I put around , so I could experience the good farmer’s market in Clarks Cort Bay and provide me with fresh fruit , for this I anchored in front of the private Calivigny Island , enter prohibited!!! 

But a good location into the marinas ( ehr shipyard , no classic marina). On the Bauernmakt there was not so much , so I tried my luck in Le Phare Bleu , there is also a small good store. Two steaks I found there *g* , the evening meal is saved. Next day chilling by the pool there . 

The postponed carnival in Grenada (normal February) now in August announces itself.

So that I have shorter ways , I put me back in Prickley Bay . Yes and then I was allowed to experience the carnival, really extraordinary, unique, I was impressed. The pictures do not even begin to reflect the exuberant mood. I was impressed!!

A new adventure announces itself, 80

Nautical miles to Trinidad sail , but before that still had to let a “small ” tropical wave pass through and the weather had to fit the blow there.

The announced small tropical wave with 20 knots(kt), raced with over 70 kt early 5:00 o’clock over Grenade , there was some/much damage , ships had many problems, ran up , my anchor shifted by a good 10 meters, lucky !!! Over 60 meters of chain were out !!!

Details I spare myself. 

After two days and a lot of shopping, the weather window opened and 17:00 I start in the direction of the south, with a slightly queasy feeling, because before Trinidad should be again and again piracy, which come over from Venezuela. There is civil war for a good 20 years.

But it came as always, very different, an extremely great trip, clear night, an oil platform on the way and the entrance to Chagurama, with the many ships and movements, it was the former U.S. Navy base for the Caribbean until about 1980 .

Entry procedure here , you need a health certificate , which you have to order via WhatsApp , only then you are allowed to the immigration office and customs.

Night 23:45 clock, the document came via WhatsApp, crazy!!! 

Thus, the next day the entry was possible, many many papers I had to fill out , after a good 5 hours I had made it , Trinidad , I’m coming !!!

Quickly I got to know sailors , the bus , cab system , the capital Port of Spain , the big vegetable market and again and again the hint ” be careful , there are robberies here!!!”. Dressed not as a tourist , as a sailor I had no problems , I met local people , made friends with some and made many trips on their own . A really great island , great feeling , Caribbean crazy , but the water was always black due to the river .

That was not really great !!!

The Independent Day I experienced , a great parade. Best to experience for yourself , the people live with little , exceptionally happy. A mix of cultures for us unimaginable !!!

It was time to leave again after 4 weeks , with clearing out although I stay in the country , Tobago is the next destination . Also about 80 nautical miles , of which 45 nautical miles with the wave , the wind (15-20 lt) and a current between 1-4 kt on the nose. 

The trip should be well thought out !!! 

I divided the trip into three strokes , first stroke Scotland Bay , second stroke good 15 nautical miles to Marakeet Bay on the north coast to the east as familiarization . The weather was top , only 5-15 knots , so it was relaxed !!!

Third beat Tobago , Cable Bay 55 nautical miles good 30 nautical miles on the north coast to the east and cross 25 nautical miles to Tobago. That was the plan , after 20 nautical miles , I chose the direct blow to Tobago , which turned out to be a mistake , I arrived after a good 14 hours , done. A current with an offset of good 40 degrees I had never experienced so . One experience richer !!!

Next day clear in and first visit to the island capital Scarborough. Also here a great cheap bus/taxi system.

On the west coast I explored the many great Caribbean bays, Mount Irvine Bay, Castara Bay, Englishman Bay and Charlotteville.

I fell in love with this place !!! Pure Caribbean without a lot of fuss !!! 

Fish, small loving place, nice people , small restaurants and a bus line to the island capital . I lie in the pirate bay and just enjoy life !!!

But soon it’s back to Grenada , 70 nautical miles and new sailing trips with sailors. To Grenada goes from November a direct flight from Frankfurt for under 700, -Euro there and back. The sailors expect the Grenadines one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world among others with the Tobago Cays!

It remains exciting!

Skipper Sven



  1. hallo sven, wie sind deine pläne für 2023?
    wir sind auch gerade erst aus der karibik zurück..

    marlies und rainer
    +49 171 7873151

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