2022 04 06 Martinique to Grenadier

2022 Caribbean everyday life since July on the way to Grenada

The last crew I said goodbye in mid-April, now was a little time out for me, St.Anne in Martinique was fantastic for it. Rest, many known sailors, conversations and exchange experiences and new plans.

At the beginning of May I wanted to visit another island and meet new people and continue to develop my English, St. Lucia Rodney Bay 25sm, very close. I met local people there as well as sailors, I was even recognized as Youtube. I hiked on the island, visited the capital and I tested the bus network.

In the middle of June , I wanted to go back to Martinique, there the food choice is much bigger and much better. And I made a plan where I would like to spend the hurricane time in 2022, I decided for Grenada , as already in 2020. 

Since the middle of May the hurricane season has started and the first three tropical storm waves announced themselves, which could develop into a hurricane. In St.Anne /Martinique I prepared myself for it. 

The tropical storm came in three waves over 7 days with a lot of rain and a lot of wind , after a week of darkness during the day the spook was over . 

I started my preparations for my trip to Grenada, buying provisions/spare parts. 

On 5.7. I started in day trips, first stop St.Lucia, Rodney Bay good 25sm. 

6.7. continued to St.Vincent , Chateaubelair a new unknown bay after good 50sm, unique beautiful bay. 7.7. continued to the capital Kingstown good 15sm, there anchor behind the small Young Island. Next check in in Blue Lagoon Marina to St.Vincent /Grenadien. Visit the capital and the fort on a mini island. 11.7. I sailed on to Bequia 10 nm, new anchorage tested, very nice anchor place and a day hiking on the island. Discovered new beautiful places there.

13.7. start to Canouan 25 nm. There I visited the new built marina and the small airport and I discovered a new nice anchorage. 

15.7. went to Mayreau in front of the Toboga Cays. A round trip over the island, I was already more often here , it has changed almost nothing . 

Actually, it should go further today, but a small tropical wave has announced for today, so I extend by a day, safety first.

Tomorrow it goes on to Palm Island opposite Union. A hike is pending and Wednesday clear out and Thursday in Grenada / Carriacou Island clear in. And then it’s a good 30 nm to St.Goerge’s capital. 


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