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The sail story continues
It came as it had to come ! The story continues!

It is in the meantime the 17.May and it has happened a lot. I often ask myself, let someone / jefrau at all my story, except the mods?

It is mid-May I lie in the value in Trinidad on the dry deck for a good half year. First time out from 5 years of continuous sailing. Singlehanded goes with my yacht size to the substance because always on the yacht is always much to do.

Let’s turn back the time , Christmas 2022 in Grenada without proper roast duck , but with a lot of work . On 22.12. the head gasket of the outboard motor was defective, I still got hold of a mechanic who installed a new engine on 23.12.. My sailing trip was saved.
On 25.12.2023 came my new crew and we spent a great time , we sailed north , beautiful bays and experienced New Year’s Eve in the Tobago Cay , it was a dream . A great atmosphere in the evening . It went on to Bequia. At the request of my crew I visited for the first time the celebrity island Mysique. And who do we meet, Mig Jagger , a legend !!! After three days we sailed slowly back to the starting point . Three incredible weeks , we experienced , so many unique moments .
Next crew , it was again from Grenade to the Grenadia , a quiet and relaxed trip , I met an old friend again and we sailed a lot .
Early February back in Grenada , antifouling had to be done and the stuffing box had to be changed without fail . After a good 8 days everything was done at a fair price .

An old Thuringian acquaintance came on board and we sailed in three weeks very slowly to Martinique , for him unique impressions , for me everyday life . Many great bays, sunsets. I say only “unique”,
I can not describe it , everyone would have to see for yourself !!!
He comes again in
November then I sail from Trinidad to Grenada !!! The most original Caribbean.

Next crew , Martinique to St.Lucia , Rodney Bay , Marigot and the Pitons , with a funny feeling . In the Pitos were over 10 robberies of yachts since November 2022 . Nothing happened , we sailed to the north of Martinique , a great time for my crew .

In mid April I made the decision , after more than 5 years , to spend half a year ashore and explore South America .
In four days of sailing over 50 nm per day , I sailed to Grenada , meet old friends and continued to Trinidad , where I stood after two days ashore .

What can I say , it is definitely not as beautiful as on the water . But it had to be. Just recharge my batteries. I’m just preparing everything for my absence , next week it goes to Venezuela and further into the interior of South America .

From November it goes on .
The new sailing trips from November 2023 to June 2024 I have entered today. You can find them in my profile under events . If you have any questions , I will be happy to help , including tips on cheap flights ( Trinidad via Amsterdam to Tobago and further Trinidad ).

Guaranteed is when sailing along , extraordinary adventures , unique bays , different water , great food !

Have fun !!
Skipper Sven


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