Family Trip- August 2018 from Corfu to Patras


Finally it was time, we had our first trip with the family.
Shortly determined, Melanie’s dad from Hamburg and her uncle from New Zealand came to our boat.

Corfu- Old Harbor

Install the Sun Sail

The first evening we spent with Melanie’s dad, in the Old Town Harbor of Corfu. Since we were already one week before the clearing we could show him the city.
We went thorough the City Centre to the old fortress. The resort itself is quite nice, but the view over the bay with the “super yachts” was even more impressive.

Sunday we spent in the opposite bay of Vido. It is perfect for swimming and relaxing, as there is only room for a maximum of 3 boats ..


My Men

The first day we spent in Nisida Monginisis. A small anchor bay, unfortunately it was totally overcrowded. There was a beach and 2 restaurants. We eat in front of the Beach, but unfortunately it was not so delicious …

In the evening we played Rome again after a long time. It was just as funny as before 😉

Passage to Lefkada

Before we went to Lefkada we musst pass through a lock.
According to the Internet and other sailors, the Gate opens every hour. Unfortunately, we were a bit unlucky. When we arrived at 3:00 pm there was a break.
But we met very nice sailors and could talking a little bit with them.

From the family we got the tip to Anker near the lock on the city Kai. The marina was full and expensive, so the better alternative.
Unfortunately the whole night in a bar directly opposite was a party, so that we finally from 5:30 could sleep peacefully ..

Here Melanie’s dad had to leave us, the work in Germany called …

Fishing Lesson

In Meganisi, Sven got fishing lessons. Is actually quite easy, if you know how to do it. That’s why Sven wanted a short briefing from Melanie’s uncle. Since he regularly goes fishing in New Zealand, he definitely has more experience;)


The next day on the way to Poros, on Kefalonia, we were surprised by a proper thunderstorm.
There were 5 knots of wind, which turned into a storm with up to 50 knots of wind and heavy rain.

After 2 hours everything was over. The boat and the crew was nothing happened and it was definitely a change from the monotonous sunshine and hardly any wind;)

In Poros we found a great fish restaurant and could lick our ‘wounds’ a bit.

The next day we went to Lixouri. Great starting point if you need an airport for new people.
Here every hour the ferry leaves for Argostoli. But you have the advantage that you are here free of charge and it is definitely quiet ..


On the island of Zakynthos there is a very famous bay. Wreckbay is a place that is screaming for a photo right now, but unfortunately many other tourists are also thinking about it.
Behind it there is a beautiful little bay, Oreos Vroni, where you can snorkel and the anchoring is free here. But you should be there very early and additionally tighten 2 land lines.

Kyllini is a very small town without significant sights or the like. However, there are always ferries …
The dock on the quay was free. The sunrise the next morning was more beautiful then the rest of the Town 😉

Bridge from Patras

There are 2 ports in Patras. The marina, but almost all the walkways were destroyed in a storm. This makes it too dangerous to put on there.
Otherwise, there is still the old port. Here you can stay directly at the quay wall, help comes in the form of the harbor master by scooter. The mooring fee was with 60 € for nothing very expensive. But the boat is safe here, because everyone has to pass through a security lock and there are fences all around.

From here we drove with the rental car to Olympia.
The first Olympic Stadium with a lot of old temples is worth a visit, but of course totally overcrowded …

Melanies Uncle




















Olympia Stadium

Melanie’s uncle left us in Trizonia Nisis. The harbor is very small and offers little space for foreign boats. But there is also an anchor bay at the entrance of the port.
On the other side there is a swimming area and many restaurants. The atmosphere is very nice and you can definitely spend great nights here.


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