Dubrovnik- Bari 22.-28.th July 2018

Entrance Dubrovnic

It was Time to cross the Ocean, from Dubrovnik in Croatia to Bari in Italy.We can’t definitely recommend Dubrovnik in the High Season. The Harbor was very expensive and the Old Town is full of tourists. But we find a small ,,Harbor “behind the Marina. Just drive after the Gas Station along the River. Here is by a Restaurant a small Peer. It looks stabil and we think it is for free…

We drive at first to the Harbor Gruz , early in the morning after the Breakfast, to clear out from Croatia. 

Vieste from Outside

The shortest Way to Italy is from Dubrovnik to Vieste, 100 NM. The start was very relaxed and we had enough Wind to Sail, unfortunately the first 20 NM. The rest of the Trip must we drive under Engine.

It was very hard for us, because we had not enough Sleep before we start. When we sail to Albania sleep we more and start the Day with a relaxed Breakfast, before we go to the next Country. 

Cookies for Sven

Streets from Vieste

When we arrived in Vieste comes a big Thunderstorm with us. We can fixed the Boat and make all safe, then start the Storm with Lights that lighten the whole City. The really bad Thing was the Rain. It comes like a Monsoon, all the Rain comes from the Heaven. After 3 Hours was all okay and we can go to the Town.



The Weather Service predict us a perfect Sailing Day, in the End was it better then what they say. We sail the 20 NM to Manfredonia with 6-8 bft Wind and had a speed between 6 and 8 knots.


On the Chart were Aquaculture, but we don’t see it. We sail to the Marina Calla di Sirene. It is a small Harbor, but it’s directly by the Castel and the Old Town. The Men from the Marina are very polite and helpfull. We find something special by our walk through the Town. They have a Drafting Store for Wine and Water. Very cool. The Quality is very good, but you need a Italian ID and of course a empty Bottle 😉 But you can ask someone from the Locals….

The View from the Castle is very nice, special in the Evening.

Our Way to Trani was really unspectacular. The promised 20 knots Wind didn’t come. So drive we under Engine the 30 NM nearly without Wind. 

You find here also Old Buildings and Churchs, but no Tourists.

We found a good Ice Cream Store after the Dinner 🙂 Very delicious Ice for a fair Price….

We are sailed the 10 NM to Giovinazzo. The Harbor is very small, but the Men from the Marina helped us and we are stay safe.

It is a cute small Town with a good local Restaurant.

Harbor von Giovinazzo








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