Pula- Zadar 23.-30.06.2018


KW 25 Pula- Zadar 23.th30.th June

The Crew comes 10 o’clock, some of they visit Melanie last Week.

We start 12 o’clock, after a intensiv Introducing to Medulin.

This Week is definitely a Dolphin Week. The fist one see we in the Harbor from Pula.

The Wind was also on our Site. We can Sail 4 Hours with 5kn Speed by 15-20 kn Wind along at the Coast from Croatia to the Lighthouse. The Rest of the Trip drive we under Engine. The rest of the Day enjoy we in Medulin, at first with Coffee and Cake, with nice Conversations and planing the Rest of our Week.

We go out for Dinner in the Konoba ,,Lanterna’’. It is a small Restaurant in the second Line with very good Food. They make there own Pizza and Bread with a Firewood Oven. The Crew love the Sea Food from the Oven as an Appetizer.


Next Stop was Susak, unfortunately without Wind. The Harbor was full, with just space for 4 Boats not really a big surprise. They have in front of the Entrance a nice Bay with Buoys. You can also drive with the Dinghy to Town. In Top of the Mountain is a nice Church and you find a Beach, Supermarket and Restaurants in the City.

Our Crew visit the City, we enjoy more the silence on the Sea, and buy Bread for the Breakfast.


Today cooked Sven a Italian Menu, very delicious 🙂

Rab- Tower from the Church


It was Time to go in the Civilization, the plan was to go to Rab. It is a very nice Town with Old Buildings, small Streets and 2 Churches. You have also enough Shops to buy Clothes and Gifts.

Sven recommended us a Restaurant, it was in one of the small Streets in the second Line. They had an open Fire Place for Cooking, it looks amazing, but the Food wasn’t really good…

The Cocktails on the Market by the Public Viewing was good, with a amazing view to the Mountains and the Boat 😉 Many of the Tourist make Pictures from our Boat, maybe we need a Shield for more Information 😉


The next plan was to drive to Olib, a small Island in the near of Silba. It is very tiny, you find just 3 Restaurants a Church and a Supermarket and an old Tower. Perfect to relax, go swimming and enjoy the silence. Very positive is that you find here no Tourists, just Sailors.

The negative are the Wind and the Waves, they pushed you all the Time to the Peer. When we are alone it is not possible to go out of the Marina, but with our 4 Crew Members wasn’t it a Problem.

Today was the best Sailing Day and a Day that we never forget. Dolphins swim around our Boat, for nearly 1 Hours. They don’t jump, but the Dolphins was so near at the Boat that we can look into the Eyes. A Day that will we have for the rest our Life in our Memories.

We sail with 15-20 kn Wind to Molat, a small Town with a very tiny Marina. The Island had a Supermarket, Cafe, Restaurants and a Beach. Soccer was again on our Evening Routine 😉


The Breakfast was this morning a special one, because one from our Guests had here Birthday. We enjoy the morning with a Prosecco Breakfast and cruise slow to Iz, the next Island. Of course had we organized as desired the Dolphins again 😉 In Iz had our Crew more Time to relax and go swimming. We build up our Stocks with fresh Vegetables and Fruits. We go in the Evening again in the Konoba ,,Galijia”

The Week runs so fast. This was the last Day with this Crew, we bring they to the Fuell Station from Zadar and drive to a Week  of intimate togetherness.




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