(Deutsch) 12. -19. Mai 2018- Trogir- Zadar


We start at the 12. May with beautiful Sunshine and 25 Degree. It will be promise a lot of Bays to swim and relax.

Zirje is our first Stop and one of our favorite Bays in Croatia. Sven had checked the Outboard Engine, after we where swimming in the clear and clean Water. We climb to the Top of the Mountains and enjoy the View and Sunset, like the other Times when we are in Zirje. The Sunset is so beautiful, to look to the Sea and see the Sun when it falls down and the Earth it is little bit quieter. To enjoy the Dinner is the best Place to stay in the Restaurant. The Fish and the Tuna Steak is very good, but the Potatoe Salad is so delicious, we love it. The Anchorbuoy had with 30 € a fair Price and the Guys from the Restaurant pick you up and bring you back to your Boat…



Sunday morning start we to new Shores. We drive to Kaka, a new Bay for us. It is very small, with a tiny Restaurant. Sven was today our Cook, it was so delicious and definitely a good decision. With 40 € without anything was the Anchorbuoy not really cheap….



The Plan was to sail to Zut, we wanna climb on the Top of the Mountain and enjoy the beautiful View over the National Park. The Weather God and the Destiny had other plans for us. In the Afternoon comes a big Thunderstorm and we decided to drive to Murter. The Harbour was safer and nearer for us. The Rain comes when we arrived, but we used he bad Weather to install our new Router. In the Evening comes a strong Thunderstorm and we are defiantly happy to stay in the   Marina. 



We Drive  in the next morning to Zut, but the Weather was also not the best. It looks all the Time that comes a Thunderstorm, so used we the Time to install the HDMI-/ Antenna and Power Cable for the TV. We go to Dinner to the Restaurant ,,Festas’’, very delicious. It is Star and VIP Restaurant, the Meal is very good and a little bit expensive.



On Wednesday drive we to Dogi Otok,Unfortunately with the same Weather. We sail at first to the Salt Lake. It is a small Lake with a very Salt high proportion, but it is very good for the Skin and you can walk around on the Lake. After 11 o’clock comes the Excursions Boat, the best Time to Visit the Lake is in the Morning or late Afternoon. The Rest of the Day relaxed we in the Bay behind the Salt Lake, it is very quite and a good Place to swim and calm. Pure Nature 



Next Stop is Zman, also a new Harbor for us. We find a information in our Croatia Book, in this Town is a small Goat Farm. They produced there own Cheese, Milk and Olive Oil. We buy Oil and Cheese, both are very delicious. It had not the same Taste like you buy it in a Supermarket, very tasty. 

The City is very small, but they had a Supermarket and a Restaurant. The Food was okay, unfortunately was the Grill damaged…

It is important to new the Harbour is just 2 m depth ,they had just a Peer to fix your Vessel and space for 3 Boats…



The Last for this Trip, we go to Veli Iz. This is one of the Harbors they visit we many times. It is small, but the depth is okay. Shower and Toiletts are clean and you find the best Wifi in front of the Marina Building. 

When you need new Food, go to the second Supermarket. The Selection and Quality is better then in the first Supermarket. The best Food is in the Konoba ,,Galija’’. The Meal is fresh and they grill it on the Barbecue, it is unbelievable tasty. In the High Season its better to order a Table, because it isn’t anymore a Insider Tip…

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