What do you need for sailing and what don’t?
We have compiled a list which we are happy to make available to our sailors.

Packing list

Very important, you have to remember that your cupboard in the boat is like a “shoe box”. Anything that doesn’t keep you warm, dry, or from burning must stay at home.


Here is the List for you to download


It’s always there

  • towels
  • Bed linen with pillow and blanket
  • sunscreen
  • Shower bath and shampoo
  • insect repellent spray
  • clothespins
  • Medication (seasickness, allergy, vomiting / diarrhea, mild pain, cold…)
  • Hairdryer

This belongs in the duffel bag/bag (the bag should be foldable – there is no storage space on board – so leave a hard-shell case at home)


-> valid identity card or passport (please check immediately!)
-> Health insurance cardcredit card


-> rainproof clothing (trousers and jacket)- outdoor things are very good there
-> windproof headgear (protection from sun and rain) – best cap/ peaked cap with ribbon for fastening
-> light cotton clothing (ideal is blouse or light shirt)- main thing comfortable
-> at least one pair of long trousers and a warm sweater
-> light closed shoes (white sole), because sailing is not without
-> Slippers – when we take a shower in a marina.


->  a small flashlight (headlamp)
-> personal medications
-> Sunglasses & – Cream
-> electronic equipment – you should be aware that everything that is electric can be quickly destroyed by water& salt

-> camera / video camera
-> Mobile phone & charging cable

If you already have a sailing equipment

-> oilskin
-> sailing shoes
-> sailing boots
-> sailing gloves
-> milebook
-> Sail/ radio bills

That does not belong in the duffel bag:

-> Prohibited drugs of all kinds
-> high heels, high heels… -You look so great too 😉
-> Straw hat for sailing…. please don’t!

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