Ein Tag an Board

Das ist ein grober Plan für den Tagesablauf an Board. Natürlich ist alles abhängig vom Wetter, der Distanz, der Crew und vielen anderen Faktoren. Wir hoffen wir können euch so ein kleinen Einblick geben.

We plan the trip with 5 sm/h. If we have 7 hours to sail, we’ll get a maximum of 35 sm! If we want to continue sailing, we have to get up earlier!

We prefer to start the day relaxed with a hearty breakfast. This is also a good opportunity to discuss the rough daily routine again.

Thus a day can run off on the boat:

8:00- 10:00 Getting up and breakfast

Here everyone can start the day individually. Would you like to do some sport, or would you like to be part of the community, or are you more of a late riser and use every minute in bed? It all depends on you.

from 10:00 Sailing

13:00- 15:00 Lunch break

If possible we look for a bay in which we can anchor. Then we prepare a light lunch and relax a bit. Usually it is possible to go for a swim and relax a bit before we continue.

15:00- 17:00

During this time we sail to the planned harbour or bay.

from 17:00

After the mooring there is first an anchor beer and then everyone can freshen up a bit. If we are in the harbour there is the possibility to visit the city and afterwards to have some food together.

If we should lie in a bay can be used completely individually the evening in the water or on the boat.

It is to be noted in a bay that we always need an anchor guard. This means that 2 hours 2 people always have to stay awake alternately.

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