2020 04- 06 Martinique – Corona

Trapped in the Corona delusion !

Unable to move, monitored with helicopters, police boats and policemen. In Germany my companies have huge problems, founded in 1995 with nothing, today a huge construction site after three months of sales decline of over 90%, because no one is allowed to see a customer anymore. I am looking for solutions and hope to create a solid concept for the next years until the beginning of July.

At the same time, the yacht is turned upside down, all open repairs who made, is already mega much , what accrues to such a yacht, but well learned electrics / mechanics / hydraulics … 

Shortly before Easter 9.4. big problems with the watermaker, it becomes extremely loud.

I turn on the Spectra hotline, a man turns on via video conference and it happens what can not happen, the big electric motor explodes . Unbelievable !!! From now on without watermaker , but at least I have warranty on it . But where and when can the watermaker be repaired.

Only warranty workshop in St.Lucia , but the country is closed . 

Unfortunately all sailing trips have fallen off and until today there is no safe flight connection to Europe and back to Martinique.

And a new idea germinates , possibly yacht change from Mono to Cat . at the moment there are many cheap and good Cats for sale… I have already been on an inspection tour.

And positive there is to announce, I got hold of an entry permit for the 8-10.7.2020 to Grenada, out of the hurricane area, 14 days quarantine and then Corona rapid test, but in a safe place and with the hope Trinidad / Tobago open your borders.

So I use the time ,to bring everything up to speed….

But Martinique compensates for much, I live after all in France currently ..cheese/good beef/good wine/quail/fresh fish …

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