2020 03 St.Lucia- Martinique

Launch from Rodney Bay to Petit Piton, but with due problems, the anchor winch-specifically the gearbox-was broken. She had done 17 years of service. Now it was time to take up the chain by hand. Three strong men managed it. 

Start to the buoy in Petit Piton and tools out to find out the complete damage. Result, engine and gearbox must be changed, but only in Martinique. Since in St.Lucia not di fast something is to be procured.

A few days of shore leave were waiting for us. We explored by cab the Pitons, bathed in the volcano , visited a botanical garden , a chocolate factory and relaxed 4 days. Rest !

Start back to Martinique with clearing out St.Lucia Rodney Bay, anchor by hand operate and the Corona virus is in the approach. 

We sailed on to Le Marin,Martinique, here the virus had already arrived.

Consultation with known mechanics and order a new anchor motor/gearbox in France. Target 3 days, then he should be here on site.

So we waited on site -Le Marin- and long while with constantly new info about the Corina crisis and further restrictions in the

life / curfew, etc.

On Thursday after 3 days the engine/gearbox was there, self-installation, because everyone was not allowed to work anymore. But it was no problem. Shopping and out to St.Anne. Here it is much nicer.

Here I lie since 20.3., resting, doing backlog of repairs, cleaning, bathing ……

My own trip, for a week to Germany and back was canceled by the airlines. 

Meanwhile I have almost survived the third week curfew.

But what will happen next ?

Corona has us firmly in its grip. 


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