2020 02 St.Vincent- St.Lucia- Martinique -St.Lucia

We sailed to the northwest of St.Vincent, Wallilabou Bay. The bay is famous for its waterfall (not really spectacular) and as a movie

backdrop for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Much commerce, therefore

move to the neighboring bay. Cumberland Bay, much more natural and honest. Great point for hiking, which we did more times.

Unhappy we said goodbye after 5 days, we continued to Rodney Bay St. Lucia, of course we anchor in the northwestern part of the bay, is the most beautiful place in the bay below the fort’s.

We sailed on to Le Marin and anchored in the anchor field. I start to Germany from Fort de France/Paris/Berlin for one day, I had to extend a license, for this I had to take an exam and already I was on the plane back. It was the beginning of February.

The visit from New Zealand also arrived and we started to the north of Martinique via Les Anses d’Arlert to Saint Pierre. Beautiful small town, which can tell of a volcanic eruption around

1900 century. You should have a look.

Back we went via Fort de France to Le Marin. A new crew was already waiting.

Unfortunately under somewhat difficult conditions, since the slide of the main sail on the last beat went defective, a ball problem. But I was looking for plan B, because without main sail we could not sail further. We relaxed the weekend in St.Anne and snorkeled in Pointe Borgnèse.

Monday short consultation with the rigger and problem sled was solved.

So we started immediately to St.Lucia Marigot Bay and further to Cumberland Bay St.Vincent for hiking for three days. They were beautiful hikes, strenuous but mega great.

On the way back to Martinique we stopped in St.Lucia Jalousie Petit. There you lie restless, almost always swell ,in the future we avoid the place. Further we went to Rodney Bay, where we met well known sailors. Last blow to Le Marin , because a week was already over again.

The next trip was already waiting, 29.2. 14 days to explore St.Lucia.

We started in Martinique with a bigger purchase, because here everything is much cheaper than in St.Lucia. And off we went sailing to Rodney Bay, first time clearing in St.Lucia. We explored the city and the marina, this time we were just south of the marina, not a good place, a lot of swell, very restless sleep.


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