2020 01 Martinique- St.Lucia- St.Vincent-Grenadin-Grenada-Grenadin

2020 2.1.-9.1. everything goes according to plan, repairs are finally all done. 

10.1. I have to postpone the start, the weather / wind 35/45 knots is anything but favorable. On 11.1. it is finally so far start, but before that still fast ausklarienen at the gas station in Le Marin.

Start to St.Lucia , Marigot Bay. Well, not so my bay, an advantage, we are accepted as night travelers without clearing in, because on St. Lucia the whole costs 40 dollars each, so 80 dollars total.

Further it goes to St.Vincent Cumberland Bay, a dream, a bay of the native, live in the world of the people from here, so I also see the extreme differences. Fishermen guys come directly to the boat and want to sell all sorts of lobster for 15 EC, a good price. Most I refuse very friendly. I lie safely here and no one asks for clearance. 

My clearance port in St.Vincent /Grenadier is the island of Bequia ,Port Elizabeth, there everything is door to door.  But it is not a nice bay, but a lot of time saved. Still some provisions and the journey goes on to Mayreau. 

This is the hotspot in front of Tobago Cays. Two days I stay here, the weather plays crazy again, extreme rain and wind between 25-40 Kt. So I hike around Mayreau, from the church there is a magnificent view of paradise.

16.1 Start early in the morning to Tobago Cays. Anchorage is off Baradal. I explored the island with the dinghy, iguanas live there and in front of the island , the paradise of the water turtles. So many fish , turtles and glass clear water !!! Paradise !

Yesterday evening a great lobster BBQ in the Cay’s. A dream day comes to an end !

Continuing the sailing trip to Petit Martinique (Grenada) , a small hiking break I allowed myself there, at the small port I got water 650Liter for only 0.10 EC per liter . In the afternoon I went to Petit Saint Vincent(PSV). Here I may enter like all sailors only the bar. On the day I was tired from the strenuous hike. Between the islands there is an entry grey zone …it is tolerated to visit the islands without clearing in/out.

Start to Union Clifton to clear out, which happens very uncomplicated and continues the sailing day to Grenada /Carriacou Tyrell Bay to clear in and buy provisions. 

Next day on to Grenada, on the east coast there are few bays so I decided just before St. Georges at a buoy to moor to snorkel an underwater museum.

The water was very murky, so I could see only little of the sculptures. 

Should you have seen ? I don’t know, I’m not sure, but the buoys were free. So it had something good!

Before St. Georges I anchored , a meeting place of sailors who want to save the marina fee. With the dinghy it went into the old port to look at the city, very nice colorful, but completely overcrowded-three cruise ships were there that day-, reminds me of Dubrovnik. Very good shopping again at normal prices. 

Next day, I wanted to go to the south to see the

look at the storm safe bays . Since I got the wind hard on the nose, I sailed right into the first bay.Hartman Bay. Indeed windless and safe. In the afternoon I took a hike to explore the surrounding area. A great bay, totally calm.

The southernmost point was reached ,now it’s back to Carriacou, declaring Tyrell and clearing into Union/Cliften and on 1sm to Palmi Island. Beautiful small private island which I am allowed to enter but only on the beach,rest is private area. Great anchorage with lots of turtles and rays.

Off to PSV( Petit Saint Vincent) to have a drink in the evening sun and chill. A quiet day. 

My fellow sailors are waiting for me in Union, short meeting and off to Tobago Cays.Two days rest/instruction in the boat and explore the area better. 

After two days short visit to Petit Tobac, here the scene with the rum bottles from Pirates of the Caribbean were shot, a mystical place. Further we sailed to Canouan/Charlsten Bay. We also explored this island on foot, not a classic island, local people live here, but a very safe bay. Clear water and a lot of peace.

Further to Bequia,Port Elisabeth , clear out and off into illegality. On St.Vincent there are no real ports in northern direction to clear out.


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