2022 01 Martinique-Guadelaope-Antigua-Guadeloupe-Martinique

01/08 we start punctually after a short briefing a small beat to St.Anne for acclimatization. Great weather awaits the crew. Short visit to St.Anne with delicious ice cream.

First real sailing day, good 35 SM to St.Pierre also on this day great weather , sun full, the anchor much 15:00 clock , so we had some time to visit the place and a delicious ice cream to lick. The following day rest as a night strike to Guadeloupe was imminent. We started at 18:00 in the night , passed Dominika in the night and were already the next morning 10:00 in Terre de Haut, a small beautiful island in the south in front of Guadeloupe. Walk through the picturesque village, swim, a hike on the fortress and the next day another hike in a few bays.

New day ,we start to Riviere Sans only good 2 hours sailing in beautiful sunshine. Again a site visit , a small town with a great vegetable market and a very good French butcher.

Next day visit to the fortress and pick up rental car, because we wanted to go to the three waterfalls the next day, before that a short trip to the capital and the marina of the capital.

The waterfall hike was awesome, a really great waterfall , with a strenuous hike, but it was really worth it.

Start to Pigion, with a trip to the botanical garden. A day of relaxing, as a big blow to Antigua was coming up. We start again into the night and land the next day in Antigua Falmoth Bay after 75 nm. A little swim and night fell.

The next day sightseeing English Harbour and great food in an Indian restaurant.
We sailed on to Deep Bay 23 nm, a short beat with sightseeing of the fortifications above the bay.
Next day Hermitage Bay, my absolute favorite on the island, we were almost alone. Fantastic beach, great free internet and beautiful water for snorkeling.

Next day a short hike to Jolly Harbour and a bustrip to St.Johns, the capital on
Saturday. It was market day and there were two cruise ships in the harbor. An absolute chaos in the city, so we went back by bus after a good 2 hours.

The return trip began after 15 days, blow to Guadeloupe , Gosier not far from the capital . A great reef with a small island and lighthouse.

We sailed a day later on to the island of Marie Galante. A bit sleepy and quiet, internet and phone is almost not working. A reason to leave.

Sailing on into the night past Dominica with a check of the Cost Gard, there was nothing to complain about.
Arrival the next day in Martinique St.Pierre.

Short rest and it went the next day to Fort-de-France for 2 hours, not really nice and continue sailing 3 nm to the opposite shore , Mitan -holidaymaker stronghold- but great bays.
Again small sightseeing tour .

The following day we went to Les Anse-D-Arlet. A very small place , beach was well populated. In the evening there was a beach fire with barbecue. A dream. Time to snorkel, on this trip we saw the most fish here.

Beat to Le Marin 18 nm with wind on the nose, as always on this route.
Clear a few formalities , the next day back out to St.Anne.

Rent a car and again a waterfall hike. The last days begin, another day hike to the Saline beach, tomorrow we go to Anse Michel and in the evening there is the farewell dinner in the Zanzibar in Le Marin, on Sunday still short transfer to Le Marin and 16:00 o’clock waits the cab to the airport for my crew.

A wonderful sailing trip comes to an end with a lot of new impressions.

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