2022 02-03 Martinique -St.Lucia- Martinique

 adventures in February and March

I used February for further explorations on the island and reduced my problems on the yacht.

The generator was on strike again, the water pump broke down. Fortunately there was a new pump in Le Marin, the problem was only, the paddle wheels were about 0.7 mm larger, so I had to build an attachment and that 5 days before a new cruise start with sailors. Friday after 4 days the attachment was ready and I assembled everything. It works again, fortunately.

Trip start in February , safety briefing and we sailed short, only 5 sm, to St.Anne. Beach visit . The next day we went to St.Lucia Marigot Bay. Unfortunately we were only very short there, we had to sail back to Martinique to Les Anse d’Arlet. Enjoyed the time there , snorkeling, swimming and exploring the surroundings.

We continued to St.Pierre , the weekly market awaited us and there was once again fresh tuna. A jaunt by car to the North Cape to Grand Riviere and to Anse Couleuvre. Very impressive places.

The sailing trip continued to Fort de France, city tour and the same day further to Mitan. Vacation paradise for many vacationers, I find it here not so beautiful.

Therefore it went on to Grande Anse d’Arlet , the bay of the turtles. On the beach a beer as well as a meal enjoyed, something snorkeled. Great sunset we have erlebet there.

It went back to St. Anne, a few small hikes were pending, to the most beautiful beach on the island, Anse Michel and Saline Beach.

And already 2 weeks had passed again, the return trip was on for my fellow sailors.

I prepared my single-handed sailing tour (180 nm 35 hours) to Antigua.

Start on 7.3. 6:00 o’clock a long ride, great trip to 15 nm before Antigua, the guide roller of the main sail tore, so I had to sail on without main sail.

The wind was getting stronger from 10 kt to over 25 kt . After a good 4 hours I was in Antigua and saved me behind a reef, because the waves had become very high, not to mention sailing with cutter and genoa sail, not really possible. So that I threw the anchor in Carlisle Bay to repair everything first.

The repair was successful , I had all spare parts with me. It went on to Falmouth, once again in the English port.

To fill up on provisions I sailed to Jolly Harbour. The weather was very unstable in March here, rainy and there was mega much wind, thereby also an enormous wave. I spent again a great time here until 25.3.

It went back to Martinique, because a new crew is waiting for me.

This time I sailed in four days.

First beat Antigua to Goudeloupe , Riever Sens. It was a great ride over the waves with wind between 20-30 kt 65 nm.

Second beat to Dominica , Portsmouth. Also a really great beat, lots of wind and first time here in the bay, which will be my new stopover between Martinique and Goudeloupe, 35 nm.

Third beat to Martinique St. Pierre, 55 nm. It was great until I was about 15 nm away from Dominika, wind only 17kt, mainsail 70% out and boom out. The lower deck of the main sail tore out, material fatigue. I was able to salvage the sail safely. But 20 nm only in the middle of cutter and genoa is difficult, engine support was necessary. But also this tour was done. Damage survey, I had to recover the main sail alone. A sleepless night, how should I cope with this task.

In the night morning no wind , I caught the perfect time window , I recovered the sail and put it together , all alone. The sail is a good 90 square meters, 28 meters high and about 9 meters long.

Contacted the sailmaker in Mitan and went straight on to Mitan.

Now I am waiting for the info from the sailmaker .

The trip remains exciting !!!


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