2018 05 21 Mali Losinj

Today we are in a somewhat larger port, Mali Losinj.

The place is located in a very well protected bay. The entrance is a bit narrow, but not to be compared with Susak 😉

In the city center there is everything you need or not 😉 Since Sven is sick, we first visited the Croatian pharmacy and stocked up on supplies at DM.

While walking we could still enjoy something the city. We love these old houses with the many small side streets.

There is a super fruit and vegetable dealer directly in front of the marina. The selection and quality are very good, highly recommended.

At “Moby Dick” there is according to a local the best ice cream.

Unfortunately, the marina fees in the major ports have it in itself, 110 € we had to pay. Shower and toilet not included… We should still pay with 5 € each extra, but that was too heavy for us…

We prefer then but the small ports and moor only in an emergency in the large…

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