2021 11-12 Martinique

I set out to explore new bays and places in Martinique.
First strike is from St.Anne to Anse Mitan opposite the capital Fort de France of Martinique. I was able to preview the bay when my flight was cancelled in October. I stranded here for a night and a morning in a great hotel.
Anse Mitan is a great bay with several small swimming areas, crowded by locals and vacationers on weekends and during the vacation season .
I was of the opinion , there is still no vacation ( autumn vacations ?!) ,so nothing has been with rest. The hotels were all edge full , constantly came jet skis at the
Boat past. Once again a sightseeing tour the next morning through the place, a place in the place only for vacationers, everything totally overrun.
I decided after my sightseeing later morning to lift the anchor and continue to St.Pierre ( former capital until the volcanic eruption around 1900 ) to sail. A small contemplative quiet place to recover, clear water and few sailors. And so it was such pure tranquility for a few days.
On Saturday morning begins here the great farmer’s market + fish market . I wanted to “catch” a tuna taek and many other fresh fruits and vegetables. Between 7-8:00 am the market is still almost empty and there is the great selection . Just a dream , if you want to get fresh stuff .
Sunday the ice cream round, here there is also a delicious ice cream store.
Tuesday start to Anse A L’Ane also opposite Fort de France. No tourists ,quiet place with great restaurants on the beach . But every 30 minutes the ferry comes here driven into the bay and causes a mega wave. I have to hold everything in the boat. Why does one do such a thing as a captain, ever heard of “seamanship ” ?!
Sightseeing tour , beach beer and the next morning we continued south to Les Anses D’ Arlets.
A mega beautiful bay , clear water , turtles , a gorgeous place with many small restaurants , tranquil , extremely contemplative . In the northeast of the bay almost on the beach , a larger pile of stones in the water for snorkeling with corals and many fish . A great scenery, I think New Year’s Eve 2021 I spend here.
The provisions are slowly running low, so I make myself on Sunday and sail back to Le Marin. As always a bumpy beat with wind on the nose and constant change of wind direction. From Diamant to Le Marin good 4 hours for 12 nm. I arrived safely and that is the most important thing !
Monday morning big shopping and noon I sail out again 3 nm to St.Anne . Anchor dropped and for the next few days everything set up here, a few repair work waiting , glue work
on the rubber boat , woodwork and the normal control work and the lower ship with screw must be cleaned. As sailors we do not sail so much, we repair ourselves around the world.

But all the work is important, because it starts again from January 8, new sailing adventures with crew.

I am happy about every comment here or write me, I like to give local knowledge.

Sven the skipper



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