2019 09 Hiking & Diving in the Canaries

Yas and three “Svens”, what’s it gonna be?

Again and again the same, one calls to Sven and all revolve around 😜⛵️.

A good start on Grand Canaria, 14 days sailing and hiking.

Our first trip to La Palma, Tazacorte was really beautiful, whales, turtles, dolphins and a captured calamari. What more do we want!

The View is amazing 🙂

In the harbour we had the calamari prepared as a starter, delicious ..tasty, but with the rest so la la!

The first hike we made into the Pirate’s Cove, very close to the

Port, beautiful as a dream. There you can also have a great swim, the cooling down was definitely necessary afterwards.

Time for a swim break 😉

The hiking guide promised 500 height meters, it was really about 1300 height meters and the distance was twice as long, so we had to shorten the next day.

The next day we visited an excursion with the rental car to the highest mountain on La Palma, the Roque de los Muchachos, and the waterfall of Los Tilos in a great little gorge.

Both beautiful places and definitely worth a visit.

The fourth day was nothing on the program, just rest a bit and relax. In the evening we said goodbye to the island with a delicious dinner, with a dreamlike sea scenery.

The next morning we started very early, already 4:00, because we had a longer trip to El Hierro, about 60 SM, before and after. We had a great ride with the blistered crazy fast 8-11 kt, with only 12-16 kt wind.

El Hierro is a dreamlike island.

We were hiking in the fog, experienced a rally, drove in the southwest a pass road -14km – almost alone.

Yas and the two other Svens also went to La Restinga for diving and explored the underwater world. A super insider tip and we can only recommend you to test it 😉

The next day we had the plan to sail to La Gomera, 50-60 SM, so back early 🙁

Once again no promised wind fits, everything comes differently. No wind but after about 9 hours we made it.

We explored the island by rental car. On small pass roads we drove among other things in the Hippie bay, at the Goldstrand and Playa de Vallehermoso. Of course we also went for a hike and were a bit relaxed 😉

On a small market we ate Grandma’s cake and tasted strange fruits.

Perfect for a short break 🙂

A dream!

The return trip from La Gomera to Grand Canaria was very tough. The wind came straight to our noses, so we started at 12:00 on last Thursday.

And as it should come, in the night we crossed between Tenerife and Grand Canaria, but successfully against the high waves and the strong wind. Together we did a great job, a great experience!

Friday afternoon we arrived in Gran Canaria, we were all super enthusiastic about the great days.

We “ate” the cash on board together and on Saturday we said goodbye until the next time.

Certainly !

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