Liparic Islands

Sailyacht:  Bavaria 46 ziger .

Start Port : Sant’Agata

The Trip : here Link

Pics to Trip  here Link

Strecke :149 sm

Start :16.09.2017 und 23.09.2017 jeweils 12:00 Uhr


The Following Course is possible:

1. Day course to islands Vulcaon / Porto Vulcano

2. Day course to islandsl Panerea / Punta Peppemaria

3. Day course to islands Stromboli

4. Day course to islands Salina

5. Day course to islands Lapari

6. Day course to Sant’Agnata

The course of the trip is determined by the wind, which can give us a goal.

Of course, there are many beautiful unique places on the route.See Google Maps / Link for the real trip history.



Saturday, 16.09.17 

Yesterday afternoon we arrived by plane in Palermo. After a short takeover of the rental car we went to Sant’Agata. After endless tunnels and many serpentines, we came to the apartment in the dark, only thanks to a brief briefing of the landlord.Our plan is the same as always. After a relaxing breakfast to the marina and explore everything. This has saved us a few times, a lot of time. A short chat with the charter company and clarify when we can take the boat. So we could take over the boat instead of 17:00, already 14:00. The rest of the day was relaxed. Sven tested the boat thoroughly, while the rest was shopping. After unpacking, we went to the city to eat and explore the city. We have discovered some nice corners, of course only by angled and hidden alleys. Sunday,


The first point on our trip was the island of Vulcano. There we have decided to look at the maps for Volcano Port, since that is the port that is most protected. In hindsight a very good decision. A very nice harbor.Without harbor fees, but with outdoor shower and a toilet. After a short walk we were in the very manageable city. Unfortunately very touristic, but with some nice restaurants. On the recommendation of a port staff, we are in the “Ristorante Vincenzino”. A good restaurant, with nice staff. However, it was very hidden, but we found it looking for something.We had a small aperitif before in the “Mimmo Paone”. Delicious wine, good music with nice ambience.According to a tip from other fellow sailors is worth a climb to the mountain. The sulfur odor is relatively intense but sustainable. Monday,


Quite unspectacular after 25 SM with engine we have arrived at Stromboli. For 50 € we were able to spend the night here at Ankermoorings. We had a great view of the Stromboli, he “only” smoked. Apparently also night tours are offered to the peak of Stromboli, perhaps next time.Nice little town. The view from above is class. Tuesday,


In the morning the wind was very bad, weather zero. As relaxed as the day began, it became so exciting. After a turtle had passed directly to us, the wind god was also on our side. So we were able to get the sails up to 15 kn wind.The destination today was Lipari. There we could for 60 € at the port. As always there was no marina, so was again announced showers in the boat.The ascent to the monastery complex with amphitheater was a bit strenuous, but definitely worth the effort. Wednesday,



Today is to wind more, with up to 35 kn was also quite neat. After breakfast we decided to seal along the coast of Vulcano.After 5 SM we entered the port of Vulcano. There we could at mooring, this time for 50 €. In the strong wind, the night was not so pleasant.As we had the whole afternoon before us, we decided to mount the mountain. The view was great, even if the sulfur smell was exhausting. The strenuous ascent has definitely paid off. Thursday,


After breakfast we have practiced some harbor maneuvers, after about 30 min. we went to Salina. According to the charter company, we should refuel there. After pressing the call button for the tanker, he was there within 5 minutes. The refueling worked well, only the price had it in itself.Next stop Filicudi. Great solitary island, the mooring was unfortunately not so simple. The Ankermoorings we could not lift, so Dinghy raus. After 10 minutes came finally the harbor master and we have moored at the footbridge. With extra ropes for securing we were then also quite calm. After a short break we went to dinner. In the restaurant there was no card, the waiter gave us a selection of 3 dishes each. Everything was very tasty and the view of the sea was also great. Friday,


Last day at sea. Today we return to Sant’Agata. When the sun is full and the wind is zero, we have retreated comfortably. In the port then everything was packed, boat handed and later still something into the city. We have this time the Piza in the restaurant “Asteria” tried, a very good local pizzeria. The antipasti was delicious and the pizza typical italia