Corsica- Capri-Elba

Sailingyacht: Oceanic 50

Startharbour : Italy Marina Scarlino ( )

Tripcourse :

Pictures from the Trip Link here.

Distance:  284,4 sm and 162,3 sm with Sail

Start : 24. May .2013

Planed Tripcourse:

1. Night/Day to Calvi

2. Day Sant Florent/ France / Corsika

3. Day to Capraia/ Italy / Insel Capraia

4. Day to Italy Elba/ Portoferraio

5. Day to Italy Elba/ Porto Azzuro

6. Day to Italy Scarlino



We start 5:30 pm in Scarlino under Sail.  After a short Dinner and a  preparation for our Night Trip have we a quiet Night. Between 11 and 6am  was it Windstill. In the next Afternoon was enough Time to Visit the Castle and the small Streets.


Harbour from Bastia


Start to St. Florent. We have to 3 pm great Sailingweather, Sunshine and Wind. In the afternoon where we in the City, again.


Start from St. Florence, but we come after a while back. The Wind come with 35 kt and for our Safty drive we go back. So have we relaxed Day and enough Time to visit the Fortress.



Harbour from Capria



Start to Bastia. After a good Sailingday comes a great Evening. The Harbour compensate it for all. A City full of young People. In the upper Site from the Bastion great Restaurants with very good Food and in the rest of the Day local Wines on the Market. Great

Blick auf Elba



7 am start to Elba- Portoferraio. We decided us to Sail not to S. Andres but to Portoferraio. A walk in the Afternoon through this lovely Town and the beautiful Harbour, to feel the unique Flair.


Last Day on the Sea, time to Sail back to Scarlino. We are back, after 6 Hours Sailing.