Sailyacht:  Bavaria 44 “Helena III”

Port :  Zadar (

Pic to Trip Link:

Distance :167,9 sm

Start :Zadar

Trip Course:

0. Day  course to Iz

1. Day  course to Zirije

2. Day  course to Vis

3. Day  course to Korkula

4. Day  course to Miljet

5. Day course to Hvar/Havr

6. Day  course to Split/Townport after Trogir


Friday, 09-02-2016

We’ve meet us on Thursday 4pm with our Crew. After we drive 13 Hours with the Car  we’ve decided that we sleep 2 Hours in the Car, that was a good idea from us. So was we after a Tankstop 10am in Zadar, so we have our Breakfast in Front of the Marina.We book our Apartment already at Home about Airbnb.

Saturday, 09-03-2016

Today is the Day, we become the Boat. We start with a relaxed Breakfast and fresh Bread. 12 o’clock where we in the Marina and we can taking over directly the Boat. The Men’s checking all Lists when the Lady’s go shopping. After 2 Hours where we done, so we start on the same Day. Our Target was the Isle Iz, after 3 Hours was we there. By 30 Degree with Sunshine and low Breeze, can we enjoy our Day on Sea. We eat in the Konoba ‘Gaija’, it was fantastic and the Ambiance where like by Mama’s Terrace, just dreamily.


Sunday, 09-04-2016

Start was Today 9am from Iz and we want in the afternoon on Island Zirje. The Sea was very silent with no Wind. After we drive 8 Hours with a distance from 39,5 NM, where we in Zirje. The Bay is very full, with us where there 30-35 other Boat’s. We go upstairs to the Castle, after we were swim. The Owners have do in the last Years a lot of. The Way to the Castle is better, they repair the Wall from the Castle and the Area from the Restaurant is a little bit bigger. From the Castle we see a wonderful Sunset. The Eat in the Restaurant is very easy, every can choose between Fish or Meat, it’s come with self made Salat and scramble Potatoes. This is the best Dinner on our Trip.


Monday, 2016-05-09

When we start in Zirje it was to see that is a rainy day. At the Beginn we have 15 kn Wind, after a Hour where we by 20 kn. So we can drive under Sail, the Wind comes more times from a another direction, so we musst turning back in the Wind. The Flow was so strong that we can just drive with 3 kn Speed. Because of the slow Speed and the Seasickness from a part of the Crew, have we decided that we’nt drive through Hvar, we stop in Rogoznica.

Rogoznica have a very nice and modern Harbour. The Bathroom is clean and well appointed. After the Arrive would we explore the City, but the Thunderstorm was to heavy. We use the Rain to make a break.

It is a placid Town with small shops. We eat in Restaurant in the 2th Line, the Lamenta. It has a very nice ambiance with good Food on protective Terrace.



Tuesday, 2016-06-09

We Start 10am and we want in the Evening Stop in Vis. The Wind come from the North, so we had it from behind. With 15 kn Wind sail we almost till to Vis. At the First had we the Wave in front, after 4 Hours turn the Wind, now we had the Wave from the side and the Wind comes from Northeast. The Wind has become more Speed, so we had 25 kn and we drive with 6-8kn. Because the possibly of Seasickness from the Crew we drive self and not with Autopilot. We are 4:30pm in Vis. Vis is known for vulnerable to Boras, because it’s a open Bay, over Night is a strong Swell.

In the old Harbour was no more Space, so we arrived in the new Harbour. It is a little away from the City centre so it was quieter, the Bathrooms where new but only 2 Shower for Women and 2 for Men. They had obvious a Problem with there Wastewater Pipe, the Water stands in the Bathroom.

Vis is a very nice Town with old Buildings with old-town Atmosphere. In Restaurants you have good night and there is always a Party in the City.


Wednesday, 2016-07-09

Today we have a relaxed Trip. We want to Hvar, 10 SM are bevor us. After 2 Hours drive, with a short break to Lunch. The Sea was quiet, so we can drive only under Engine.

In the Evening we was in Hvar. A very nice City, with old Buildings and a lot of small Shops, in hidden alleys. There’s a Run of the Town, because the celebrities stay here.

The Town is definitely worth seeing.


Thursday, 2016-08-09

Today it goes to Split,after the more expensive Harbour of our Trip. We where show our Crew the Harbour from Split. After 4 Hours were we in the Harbour, from Seaside. This Time are not Cruiese Ships, but some of Yachts. After the Roundtrip in Split drive we to Rogac on the Isle Solta.

The Harbour is small, but with filling station. The Restaurant ”Peserente” is in a isolated Bay, the Food was good and the View is very nice. Sadly we can enjoy the Evening, because a Strom comes with Rain.


Friday, 2016-09-09

We tanked, after a bath in the Bay. Unfortunately have the other Boats the same idea, so we stand in the line 1,5 Hours. Sadly we can’t sail today. After 2 Hours where we in Trogir. It’s a lot of Space, because we are early in the Harbour. After the arrived we change our Crew.

We go with all in the City from Trogir to eat Dinner. Trogir has a nice old-town City centre, but in the evening is there too much People. We walk back to the Harbour, the Taxi fee was 15€- that would we not pay.