Sailingyacht:   Bavaria 44 “Helena III”

Port :  Trogir ( )

Trip :

Pics to the Trip Link:

Distance :164,7sm

Start :

The Following Course is possible:

0. day course to  Hvar Townport (Palmizana)

1. day course to Miljet Pomena

2. day course to VIS Townport

3. day course to Zirije

4. day course to Dugi Otok National park or Zut

5. day course to Zut

6. day course to Zadar


Saturday, 2016-10-09

After a relaxed breakfast start we with our new Crew to Zirje. We drive 5,5 Hours without Wind before we are in Zirje. Today are not so much other Boats, there 10 Boats without us. Unfortunately is the Wether not so good. We go by rain upstairs to the Castele, by all the Rain and Clouds can’t we see the Sunset.


Sunday, 2016-11-09

Our destination are the Waterfalls from Krk. It is quiet on the Sea, when we’re in Sebinik find we more other Sailing Yachts. Throw the Canyon from Skardin is it very beautiful. We arrived after 1 Hours the Harbour from Skardin, there become we a free Space in front of the Showers.

With Ferry drive we to the Nationalpark from Krk, who we find we the Waterfalls. There’s very beautiful, but there are so many People that we can’t enjoy it. We go on the Roundtrip, because we don’t like to swim with masses. By the Roundtrip explore we a lot of small Waterfalls and streams. In the different Areas find we difficult fish, Frogs and Salamander. On the Way where not so lot of other People, so we have enough Space to make Picture and Videos. After one Hours we finished the Circular Route.

We go direct back to the Ferry, that was a good idea, because a big Thunderstorms with lightnings and heavy rain comes when we on the half Way to the Harbour. When we in the Harbour, we escaped us under the Roof from the Supermarket. we wait half an Hours, then we can go to our Boat.


Monday, 2016-12-09

We want Today to the Isle of Zut. At the beginn there was no Wind, after Sebinik can drive under Sail, we had 15kn Wind. The Wind comes from in front of us, so we musst turnaround and drive into the Wind. After half an Hours we drive with Engine, because otherwise we to late in the Bay.

When we arrived climb the half of the Crew to the Mountain, the View is amazing.

After a bath in the Bay we go the Restaurant ”Festa”. We musst not pay the docking fee, because we eat in the Restaurant. There is high class Food, it is expensive but very good.



Tuesday, 2016-13-09

Today would we to the Salt Sea on Dogo Otok. We must today more take care as other Days, because we have a lot of Passage in front of us.

There are so many People by the Salt See, that we drive at first to one of the Bays. Then we enjoy the Day by 40 Degree and Sunshine.

8pm drive we a little bit forward, so we stand in front of the Salt Lake, so we have Tomorrow more Time. After 1,5 Hours find we a free mooring, so we have a good view to the Entrance from the Lake.



Wednesday, 2016-14-09

We explore the Salt Lake before the Tourist Boats at 11am comes. We docked by the Professional Navigation on, so we haven’t  a lot of Time, we must go when the First Ships come.

The next Stop is Zaglar, there refueling our Boat. It is a very small Habour with a kindle Woman from the Gas Station.

When we make our Lunch break, become we a incredible show. Two Seaplanes make there Training around from us. So we can make a lot of Pictures and Videos, it was unbelievable.

On Iz have we become a free space in front of the Bathrooms, of course we eat at the ”Galija” again.



Thursday, 2016-15-09

It is a good Sailing Day. We have 9-12 kn Wind, so we can from our 15 SM to Bozona 14 SM drive under Sail.

Bozona is a very small Town, there no Showers and Toilette for the Sailers, but we can swim in the Bay.

They had 2 Hotels, the most of them are older then 50 Years old or Tourists for a Day. Wouldn’t the Ferry come, there where no other People here.

We eat in a Restaurant in front of the Harbour, the View was good, the Food not so. Next-door the Ice Cream parlor was very good, especially the Chocolate Ice.

After one Day on Bozona have we decided that is a very small and nice Place, but we want go back for later.



Friday, 2016-16-09

Our last Day on Trip, we must go back to our Start Harbour in Zadar.

It’s a good Day to Sail. We have 25 kn Wind, so we can from our 28 SM drive 24SM under Sail. We turn around more times the Day our Sail, because the Wind is turning.

We where 4pm in the Marina, after the Boat is safe and we packed our things, go we in the Town. There we have a good Night and we pass in review.