Sailingyacht: Bavaria 50.

Startharbour : Marina Tehnomont Veruda/ Pula

Tripcourse :


Picture here Link:

Distance : 198 sm, 150 sm with Sail

Start : 12.05.2013

Planed Course:

1. Day to Kvaner Golf, Isle of Susak

2. Day to Rab

3. Day to Silba- East

4. Day to Mali Losinj

5. Day to Cres

6. Day to Veruda


We arrived per Airplane directly to Pula, where we checked the Marina and find a nice Restaurant in the near.

The Next Day start the Crew with a small SightSeeing Tour and buy the Food, while I checked the Boat.

We have the first Day on the Sea very good Wind, so we have Lunchbreak in the Lagoon from Susak. Next Stop Harbour from Susak. It’s highly recommended to read the Seamap. In had made the Experience on my own. Today was all okay. We explore the Town before we go the  Dinner in the ,,Pier33” Restaurant. It’s like eating at Mom’s Terrace.


In the next Morning start we to Rab. The wind was on our Site, so we have enough Time to visit the City. It’s very beautiful and we you stay here you need to visit the Town.

The next Target is Silba- East

. Today we need to drive with Engine, because we don’t have Wind. After 3 Hours stay we in Silba- East, so can we enjoy the nice Weather with swimming and diving. We walk to the City, the Tower is worth seeing, a Captain build it for his Wife. In the West Harbour have we a great Sunset. The Dinner become we by the Portmaster, it

start’s with different Tuna Types and the Mainmenu was a Gilthead with 5 kg for 6 Persons. It was so delicious.

We start with a incredible View to the Kornati. With Wind Sail we to Mali Losinj, in 2012 where here a big construction site, now is here a new Harbour. From the Postmaster become we the information about the Weather for tomorrow, a Bora comes. So have we enough Time to explore the Town and relax a little bit

The last on Sea. It start with a Thunderstorm and it followed us to Pula. We was so happy to stay in the Marina, have a hot Shower and great dinner.

This was the last Trip in this Area, after 6 Years it’s Time to explore a other Area from Croatia.


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