Sebinik-Zirjie-Zadar September 2014

Sailingyacht: Bavaria 50

Startharbour : ( Vercharterer )

Picture here

Distance : 222 sm,  44 sm with Sail

Start : 27.09.2014

The following Course is possible:

1. Day Sebenik

2. Day to Skradin/Krka/Skradin

3. Day to Zirje

4. Day to Zut

5. Day to Sali,Daji Oik

6.Day to Zadar


The Yacht was early ready then we are planed, so start we now to Iz. It’s a small, but beautiful Harbour.



We start early in the morning to Murter. The Wind was very good, so sail we the 20 SM. It’s dark when we at the Entrance and it’s not so easy to find the right one.


Next stop Zirjie, a beautiful quite Bay. The Sunset from the Top of the Mountain between the Ruins is amazing. The great Dinner in the only Restaurant is so delicious, here cooked the Owner self. Is just like sitting on Mama’s terrace.



9 o’clock start to Zut, fortunately without Wind. We walk in Zut on Top of the Mountain, the View was amazing. The walk isn’t easy, but you become the great View to all parts from the Nature Park from Dugi Otok. The Dinner in the Restaurant is very good, a 4 Stars Restaurants with good Prices.



We start early in the morning to Biograd and then to a Fjord in the National Park von Otok. We enjoy the Rest of the Day with swimming and our Selfmade Dinner at the Anchor buoy.


Start to Veti Otok- northwest from Otok, a Insider Tip. Fortunately wasn’t a good Tip, the Bay wasn’t deep enough for our Vessel. We landing in Veti, a small Marina without Restaurants.



Last Day on Sea, we drive to Zadar. In the morning with Wind then with Engine. The last Day enjoy we in the Partymile from Zadar.