Kastella-Vis-Trogir September 2015

Sailingyacht: Bavaria 44

Startharbour : www.marina-kastela.hr/de/

Pictures from the Trip here

Distance: 252,1 sm, 124,9 sm with Sail

Start : 12.09.2015 in Kastella


The following Course is possible:

1. Day to VIS

2. Day to  Mljet

3. Day to Dubrovnik

4. Day to Lastovo

5. Day to  Solta

6. Day to  Trogir/Split



We become the Boat 4 pm in the big Marina Kastella, it’s a Bavaria 44 ,,Nicola III”. The Takeover was professional and they repair the defects directly. We buy the Food in the next Store 15 min. away. Before we go to the Pizzeria have we our Safety instruction.



At 6am start we with the Sunrise, but fortunately without Wind and so on the rest of the Day. Over Solta, passage to the Canal, Hvar and course to Korcula. Our Traget was Vela Luka. It’s a small Harbour. In the 3th Line find we a Konoba, a Folklore Band plays. Simple croatia Food, very good!



Our Target was it so near it is possible to Dubrovnik, but after 6 hours hard work and just 20 SM broke we up. We searching a new Harbour and find Brna, on Korcula. Here find we Time to relax, just 2 other Vessels. In the Afternoon had we a walk throw the Town and the Moutains around. In the Top of the City find we a Konoba with great View of the Harbour and the Boat. It was a lot of Food and mosquitos.



We start with a relaxed breakfast on the Boat, our next Target is Miljet Okukilje. Start in a Sailing pleasure..

Wind comes frontal with 30-35 kt, so decided we to sail to Lastovo, Zakopatica. The Wind comes from the Site with 9 kn.

The Bay was small and very nice, when we drive the Owner give us a sign to drive at the Konoba, we choose the bigger one. We eat Dinner at this knob so have we no fee and free Water and Electricity.

We explore the Bay before we go to Dinner.

In all parts of the Bay and the Restaurant where Flies and they come on our Boat. Food was good, fresh Fish. They have new Restrooms and Shower, very good!



We sail to Vis with 20-25 kt Wind from back site with a speed from 5,5 kt. In the Entrance from Vis was the wind 30-35 kt, in the Harbour was it very stormy, but we come very good to our Place.

The Town looks like a other World, like Pirates Time. Very small Streets, old Houses, the most of it in the old Style and a few a ruins.

In the 3th. Line find we again a Restaurant, it was small with a very good Menu with difficult Meals and all of them are fresh local Croatia Food.

The Night was very hard with the ,,Dance of the Vessels”. By the permanent move from the Waves and the wind need we check the Mooring and the other Ropes.


Start to Zijie, a Pearl of naturalness. Wind comes from the back with 15-25 kt. So we are very fast in the Paradise and the only one.

We relaxed the rest of the Day.

The Owner from the Boat brings us to the Island. We walk the Ruins in the top of the Mountain and enjoy the Sunset. When we go to the Restaurant is our Dinner ready. Fresh Fish and vegetables with selfmate potato Salat and Wine. We love this Dinner here.


The Night sleep we outside to see the Stars and the Milk Street, it was a Dream



The Day begins relaxed with swimming and breakfast.

Start to Trogir. Until Lunch can we Sail, after this where no Wind. We was 5pm in Trogir, a very busy Harbour.

We don’t find a free space in the Town Marina so become we a free Place in the Baotic Marina. It’s a very big Marina. Very good new Restrooms and a pool. In the Night go we to Trogir, the walk was just 15 min. It’s a beautiful small and old Town with small Streets and many places to explore. It’s a must see in Croatia.



Without Wind drive we to Kastella. Here change we our Crew, buy new Food and waiting for the other Guys from the 2.th Boat.