Iz-Zut-Sali May 2014

Sailingyacht: Bavaria 50

Startharbour : www.albatros-yachting.com/en/home/ ( Vercharterer )


Pictures from the Trip here

Distnace : 136,2 sm,  109,0 sm with Sail

Start : 10.05.2014

The follow Course is possible:

1. Day to Naturalpark Iz.

2. Day to Zut

3. Day to Isle Dugi Otok southerly Bay

4. Day to Sali

5. Day to Zadar

6. Day Zadar (Sturm to Hurricane)

I was already at the Yacht. We buy new Food a repair the defects. This is a Outdoor Trip. We sleep in Bays, catch Fish and it’s my first Time as a Single- handed Sailor.

That’s the preparation for our Worldsailing Trip.




We’re sailing to the Naturepark between Otok/Zut and Kornati, they have many small Anchor Bays.


The Day starts with a relaxed breakfast. Our Traget was just to Sail, no Engine. Today determined to Wind the Target. It’s a new Challenge and i’m curious where we’re landing.



We Sail to Zut, 30 SM and just 3 under Engine. For our Safety drive we to Zut, the Weather Service it’s come over 25 kt Wind. It’s to dangerous. Very good decision, at the Night comes a heavy Storm.



Start 10 o’clock to explore new Bays. Fortunately without Wind, so drive we 3,5 h with Engine to Isle Dugi Otok- in a southerly Bay. The rest of the Day is very relaxed, we enjoy the Sun.



We start with Wind and Rain. Without Engine enjoy we the Nature. It’s comes more Wind so can we Sail to Uglian and back to Sali on Dugi Otok. Today stay we in a Harbour, a Storm comes the Night with 6-8 bft Wind. I visit the Town, but just Restaurant.I go a little disappointed back to the Vessel.


A restless Night with heavy Rain and Wind. In the morning is the Wind a little bit lower. We drive with the Wind to the North Part from Dugi Otok. The Yacht is already for the Storm, we too. We sail very fast, but there was no distance. The Wind comes from the other side, this is our Chance . Throw the Canal between Iz and Dugi Otok, we need for this distance 3 Hours. We change our Target to Zadar Harbour, it’s come more Wind nearly a Hurricane. 8 pm we are in Harbour and enjoy our Anchor Beer.



We choose the right decision. Today are 35-70 kt Wind. We explore Zadar and enjoy the End of the Trip