Lavrion- Paros-Kythnos

2017/ 05 Sail Yacht:  Lagoon 380 with 8 Kojen and 4 Rooms

Port/Marina : Lavrion

Driving history: see image

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Route :173 sm

06.May 2017-13.May 2017

The following course took our trip: (Sunday start 07.05.)

1. day course according to Insel Kea, Ort Vourkari ( ca 18sm)

2. day course according to Inse Insel Syros, Ort Finikas ( ca 33sm)

3.y course according to Inse  K Paros, Ort Naousa ( ca.25sm)

4. day course according to Inseh Insel Sifnos, Ort Kamares ( ca. 30sm)

5. day course according to Inse Kythnos, Ort Merikhas ( ca 32sm)

6. day course according to Inse Lavrion ( ca 25sm)

4.5./05.05. 2017 Thursday / Friday


Arrival on the spot, exploring the start marina, shopping – Mymarket (offers free trasport to the port).

A very good and cheap restaurant I can recommend on the spot. Fresh fish and local food, opposite to the fish shop is your own place.

After Lavrion is a bus, bus driver or companion, all are very nice, the bus trip costs 4.20 euros per person, the bus runs every hour. Departure from the airport here (37 ° 56’11.8 “N 23 ° 56’45.8” E) opposite Hotel Sofitel. Arrival in Lavrion, here. Departure exactly like this. Continue by taxi, cost to Marina 5, -Euro. 

Takeover without problems, professional transfer of Multihull

Marina has very good toilets and showers, taxi to Lavrion costs 5, -Euro for the whole taxi.


7.5. Start on Sunday to Kea, Vourkari.

Small port recommended, on the spot we did not find a good restaurant. 


8.5. Start to Siros Finikas

Very nice small harbor, very nice harbor master, with toilet and shower against 2, -Euro fee. The port has shopping malls. We found a small local place on site, it has regional cuisine at very small prices, name Calmo. 


9.5. Start to Patros Naouusa

At the time the port was bankrupt, but a week later were normal conditions. Important to the port, on the right are moorings, left there are only conditionally moorings. Waiting for the harbor master to get rid of much trouble. 

Beautiful city, it is worth exploring on break, many small shops a church and many small dreamy alleys.


10.05. Start to Sifnos Kamares

Nice small harbor with very nice portmasters. Good place to go hiking-map directly at the port- or a moped to take for 15, -Euro and the island to get to know. We have found a restaurant with local dishes , a few meters from the port.  


11.5. Start to Kythnos Merikhas

Small harbor with anchor, there is fuel, so you can refuel here and bypass full gas stations on the last day. Unfortunately no toilets, showers is possible but costs 5, -Euro, ask the harbormaster. We have again found a local restaurant. Gastwirt is very nice, the skipper can eat there for free if the entire crew is there. Restaurant Byzantio.

12.05. Departure to Lavrion Marina

First round well done. End of the evening in our great fish restaurant.