2021 01 Martinique-Tobago Cays-St.Vincent-St.Lucia-Martinique

Dodge Corona, comes to Martinique
January starts well. Since 9.1. I am underway with crew, a direct blow to the Tobago Cays, good 24 hours sailed and the unique island world further explored. A place to stay and almost completely empty. There are very few yachts on the road. Too bad , but many are afraid.

Travel to Martinique are quite easy via Paris, you need in Paris only a max72 hours Corona test. Rest is completely uncomplicated. Exactly the opposite is in the media, all nonsense. But you need a mask, the French are traveling here in masses at the moment.

After 5 days of bays we went back to St.Vincent /Cumberland. A dream… here I could stay. Caribbean Feeling without end directly with the locals and under the currently “active” volcano (it forms a cone warning level orange), so not yet dangerous. Of course I undertook again a rainforest hike , 15 km over 100 floors in good 3 hours , stay fit !

Further the sailing trip went to St.Lucia/Pitons, side trip to the volcano in the black water pool, should be very good for the skin. And I showed my guests the nature garden with the many hummingbirds.

We continue via Rodney Bay to Le Marin. My guests are thrilled, all wanted to stay longer. But home is calling.

Hard to believe, even the return trip goes completely carefree !!!



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