2020 12 St.Lucia – Martinique

The watermaker works again
After a month of repairs after the explosion of the electric motor and further troubleshooting , as the system indicated more errors. After waiting for the sending of spare parts from America , installation , new calibration of the system , test runs and again troubleshooting . After several mails with the manufacturer , we ( company and I )had further circled the defects . The result was that a pressure sensor had to be replaced and the pre-filter motor was defective, but the impeller was working. Spare parts were ordered, I installed them all myself, as I did all the other work on the watermaker, only the tests of the computer system were performed by the warranty workshop. On 22.12. everything worked again. So last purchase, clearing out, then refueling (in St. Lucia costs the liter of diesel only 0.60 euros in Martinique 1.09 euros), it was a good 829 liters, so a good saving.
The next morning 4:00 o’clock start, so that I arrive before 13:00 o’clock in Le Marin and at the gas station I me at the computer in France einklariere.
The plan worked, 11:25 I was at the gas station in Le Marin. Purchase and transfer to St.Anne.
Now the Christmas time can begin !
The last three days 24/25/26.12. I was again on my round trips in the
South on foot on the way…

Slowly I prepare everything for the new guests, from 9.1.2021 it starts again !

Merry Christmas and a good start in 2021 !!!

By the way, travel is relatively simple and Unspektakulär , it is unfortunately only a lot of fear spread !

The skipper


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