2020 11

The watermaker – indispensable in the Caribbean-.

Departure from Grenada via Grenadia – Canouan Island- to St.Vincent- Cumberland Bay- to St.Lucia -Rodney Bay-.

Since 29.11. I lie at anchor in Rodney Bay/St.Lucia.
Main reason, repair of the watermaker after a warranty case, explosion of the engine in March this year.
There is currently only one authorized company in the central/southern Caribbean that confirms the warranty case with Spectra, their headquarters is here locally. And the warranty case was confirmed. A new motor + pump head were ordered from Spectra. Motor and pump head were shipped to me from USA on 12/5, I need extra package broker, extra cost $75.
On 5.12. I installed everything myself, so that on 6.12. the watermaker could be put back into operation, by the mechanics on site, also for this I did all the work myself.
On 6.12. the plant was taken again in enterprise, by the mechanics, but a pressure sensor is probably defective, that explain me the mechanics.
Today I noticed that the water maker did not produce sweet water, after 5X2 hours of working time of the water maker, he should have produced about 800 liters, but in my tanks were only 200 liters, on 6.12. I still had 400 liters in the tank.
I myself , once again control of all elements, electrics ; here a plug had loosened, that was unfortunately not the reason.
But in the starting process I should hear a click, with which the valve is opened, so that the water flows into the tank . This click was missing! Valve was fixed.
But there was a manual button that I pressed several times while the machine was at a standstill. Possibly the valve had jammed or after 9 months it is firmly attached to the inside wall. The button went very easily , several times I pressed it. At the same time I put a bucket under the pipe , which leiter water into the tank. New try !
And it worked, there is water again, but the pressure sensor is probably not in order, at least that says the electronics. Red lamps look *goofy*.

Electronics… now I wait for the clarification, igniting idea of Spectra.

But first the water tanks are filled again, shower without limits, electronic toilet goes back on and I can wash clothes again with my 7 kg washing machine, life is getting easier again after 9 months of rationing !

The sailing adventures can continue, I am happy!!!!

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