20. March 2018- Ikea & Constraction Market

We trusted us fearless to Ikea 🙂 No, Fun 😉 The Construction Market where we also. We found not all Things from our List, unfortunately. But we have one more Week, before Melanie go back to Germany. 

We buy a new Bosch drilling Maschine, some small Items and boxes for Bath Stuff. Sven become a mounting for him’s Spice Boxes. We use perforated Plate of Metal. It works 🙂 Perfect.

Melanie try the Washmaschine one the Marina. In this Time has Sven checked the Boat and sort the Boxes on the backsite.

After all the Work enjoy we the Evening with a Friend of Sven, he is also a Skipper, and exchange our Stories and Ideas.  



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