25. January 2018 – ,,Boot” Duesseldorf

Sven  was at the ,,Boot’’ when they open it, one of the first Persons. So have I enough Time to explore the new Vessel.

A short ,,Hello’’ by ,,Contest Yachts’’ and then continued my walk. All new Stuff from the Industry, Mono- and Multihull, made with Plastic or Wood.

It wins on lightness, but the Time will show us who long its life on the Sea.

They have also a lot of Equipment. Water maker, Wind steering System, Fishing Gear, Life Vest…. You get lost very quickly the overview, so I work strictly on my List.

On my List stands a Fishing Gear. I decided me ,after a very good advice from Leos-Angelmarkt, for a Penn Squall 50 vsw and a Shimano Beastmaster BX.

Now we need just People who teach us in fishing 😉

In the End it was good to go to the Mess, i meet some new and old Sailors.


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