15. March 2018- Watermaker & Ropes

Today have we 2 big Instructions.

We begin with the Watermaker. The Experts put it into operation and explain us extensive. Now nothing can go wrong, we hope so. When the Filters are clean, is the Water safe 😉

In the Afternoon become we the Instruction from the Sailmaker. We’re able now  how we can change the Sails. When you know it is easy 🙂

Sven also checked the Ropes and sorted the old one’s out. It’s enough for a while and we can open a Rope Business 😉

Question of the Day: Need we extra Sun Sail? Be worth it to take the Place? It’s also so heavy that we can’t change it alone…

Just with more Muscle strength and Hands…




The Old Ropes

The good Ropes

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