London on Harry’s Track

When we planned our Visit in London, it was quite sure that we don’t want the ,,normal’’ Sight Seeing Tour. That’s not our first London Trip, so decided we to walk to the Harry Potter Locations.

We start with Kings Cross. The Station who starts every School Year for Harry.
The Rail 9 3/4 is on the left Site from the Display Board. You can see it at the lot of People.
It’s possible to let make a professional Picture with the Wall. It cost’s 9,50 Pound and you must wait a Hour or longer. I stand at the beginning at the Site. When they change the People it’s free to make a Picture.
Maybe it’s better to come in the Evening back.

The Harry Potter Store was amazing. It’s feel like i’m in the Diagon Alley. Buy at ,,Olivanders’’ a Wand or new Clothes by Madam Malkin. They have all the Merchandise Stuff, Books, Pencils, Wands, Clothes…. But for the Room was too much People inside.

In the Lendenhall Market was a Part from the Diagon Alley produced. You found it between Gerkin and Sky Garden. Here get selling Products since the 14. Century. It’s hard to believe that they stay after 600 Years. It has already his Charm and the certain something. You musst go through the historical Entrance.

What can I tell about the ,,Millenium Bridge’’? In the ,,Order of the Phoenix’’ fly the Death Eaters over the Bridge a make a lot of trouble.
It’s between the ,,Shakespeare Globe’’ and the ,,Tate Modern’’. This 2 are not in the Films, but they are also worth seeing. We like the Architecture, the curved Design is unusual.

In the ,,Prisoner from Askaban’’ is a Scene on the ,,Westminster Bridge’’. In this Scene drive Harry in the crazy Bus over the Bridge, it’s like a Race. The best Time to make a Picture is before the Sun goes down. Here is also the ,,London Eye’’ and SeaLife’’. The Play of Colour between Big Ben and the Westminster Bridge is amazing.


You now the ,,Borough Market’’ from the ,,Prisoner from Askaban’’. Harry leave here the Bus. Here find you all what you want to eat, delicious Food from all parts of the World. A very good Market


Under the ,,Tower Bridge’’ fly’s the ,,Order of the Phoenix’’ to save Harry. The Bridge is one of the most visit Sight Seeing Points in London. We decided us for a unusual way to crossing the Bridge. We rent a bike a ride over the Bridge, really cool 😉
You can rent a Bike in many parts of London. It’s a cool way to explore the City. You need just to sign up and you can start directly. The first 20 Minutes are free.

We want the next Time to the Harry Potter Studio outside from London. The best Time to book your Visit is 4 Weeks before you come to London. Otherwise you are too late and all free spaces are full…


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